Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Libertarian Politics Live:Tonight's Guests are Jonathan Narcisse and James Poulos

Libertarian Politics Live Tonight will feature guests Jonathan Narcisse and James Poulos. Jonathan Narcisse is running for governor of Iowa as an independent and will be featured for the first hour. James Poulos is a graduate student at Georgetown University and will be featured in the second hour of the show where he will discuss National Standards Fixation in regards to federal standards in education. His blog is at http://firstthings.com.

The show is at Tuesday March 16 at 8PM CST. Callers should call (646) 915-9887 and anyone that wants to listen to the stream, please go here.

Hosts tonight are Jim Lagnese, Andre Traversa, and Eric Dondero.

Thank you for reading this blog and listening to the show.


FrankT said...

I hope the show was good! OK, I'll be the one to ask...........who's the woman in the picture and what relevance does she bear aside from being beautifully patriotic?

The Right Guy said...

Frank, you can listen to the show anytime you like by streaming it or downloading it.

As far as the woman goes, that is the domain of the great Eric Dondero, whose radio show it is. If you want the answer, best ask him. My guess is Eric likes beautiful women.

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