Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The People's Republic of Canada Limits Free Speech

Canada and Canadians do not believe in free speech. What matters to them is what you say and it has to agree with the liberal elite. If you can believe it, they have hate speech laws that prevent people from speaking the truth or if they do, they can face jail time.

Ann Coulter has a pithy, cutting sense of humor. Even in such liberal bastions in this country as Harvard, Ann has been allowed to speak. In the video above, a marxist dolt tried to justify censuring someone for speaking their mind, when in fact, the crowd at the college was more dangerous and hateful than she ever could be, yet the facia brutta from Canada thinks the crowd had the right to their free speech. Free speech is for all, not just liberals. Ann is Ann, get over it. Diversity means all points of view, not just yours, get it liberals?

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Bungalow Bill said...

Coming soon to a state near you.

The Right Guy said...

No kidding. At work I was told I was "too political", whatever that means. I guess if I am not a card carrying liberal democrat or socialist, I should shut up. Well the truth is, I don't talk politics at work, as you have to be careful to whom you are talking. Diversity is as diversity does...In this case, it's only diversity if you say things the liberals in power agree with or if they like you, which is basically the same thing. It's just cronyism when you come down to it, and small minded group think. There may be no "I" in team, but there is "me" if you rearrange the words.

Anonymous said...

Free speech absolutists? You heard the bitch, Canada doesn't value freedom. I am so fucking livid right now! Of course most Canadians want freedom, but it is left-wing totalitarian cunts like this retard who restricts freedom to our neighbors up north.

Man I am so sick of this shit! This bitch looks and sounds like every other female in the city I live in. Janet Reno, Janet Napolitano looking clones! I can't wait to move to Texas where women look more like Kelly, rather than the ass end of a bloodhound like this imbecile. Here's the deal: I am going to start work on a street smart guide to lashing out at the left. Problem is, conservatives are too damn polite and don't know how to handle these retards on their own their turf. I can and do deal with these fucks on a daily basis. The reason I am able to is, I was raised by Democrats and have lived around commies my whole life. I know their language, I know how they project themselves... I know their whole miserable fucking play book. When I finish my little "manifesto" I'll email a copy to you, Dondero and other bloggers. Hopefully Left Coast Rebel will lift his "rated PG" policy, so the nice folks can learn a whole new language and attitude.

People unfamiliar with being nasty should read and learn from our Chuck. He sounds like I do in person. I am from now on, not going to conduct myself in a civil manner when responding to both leftists, or clueless libertarian purists who dot the online landscape. Just gave an ass chewing to Anonymous at LR earlier.

As of Sunday, March 21st, 2010, we are officially in a war with these despicable idiots. The shit they have imposed on us makes the so-called "culture war" pale by comparison.

The Right Guy said...

Culture war? That like saying someone with aids has a slight infection. This is a war for America, period. As far as chuck goes, he defines the class and you could never say he is wishy washy or equivocating. Megyn is Kelly is freaking beautiful and brilliant. She's a lawyer you know.

I'll post your manifesto.

Chuck said...

I'm only mean to scum for the sake of onlookers. I don't expect to change the mind of some middle-aged dipshit who argues there is no moral difference between freedom and slavery;or those who fight for each respectively.

I might embolden those on the fence, however. That's what matters most. Once you understand that every word from a leftist's mouth is a calculated lie, they are incredibly easy to figure out. It's also quite easy to make them look like the fools they are by forcing them to follow the logical consequences of their vile statements and policy objectives.(expect them to change the subject instantly)

Those who say,"let's all get along" when the subject is satan-worshiping terrorists, are the exact same scum who want to see honorable people in prison for what they believe.

As I've said before; these aren't good people with shitty ideas. They are shitty human beings with wicked ideas, because those are precisely the kinds of ideas shitty people have. They ridicule honor and champion perversity.

They are simply the scum of this earth.

The Right Guy said...

In order to continue as Aphorist In Chief, I will lay this on you:
"Any alleged "right" of one man, which necessitates the violation
of the rights of another, is not and cannot be a right. No man
can have a right to impose an unchosen obligation, an unrewarded
duty or an involuntary servitude on another man. There can be no
such thing as "the right to enslave". -- Ayn Rand

Yet that is how leftist socialist operate. They want to create a society of Farm Animals where by they tend the flock. It's not exactly about let's all get along: Remember, peace is the absence of opposition, and most of the time that is achieved by some sort of force. Farm Animals are at peace, but they are also kept in pens to produce for the farmer, and exercise no free will, if it could be possible. Think about it. Socialism is a system that extends the Farm System to human society as a whole in a effort to produce a society of subservient and sinecure producers for the benefit of the few. In some ways it makes the slavery system under the old south more palatable, as there was some place to escape to for freedom. These entropic fools want to make it the same everywhere so there is no where to go. This is about enslaving and controlling mankind, not for some system that affords basic needs and wants for it's citizens for some altruistic purpose. Any sacrifice made necessary and promulgated by those in power should be looked at with suspicion and derision. And to paraphrase someone else, look to where that altar of sacrifice is and who benefits. These bastards are nihilistic materialists that look no more upon you than a farmer does with a chicken on the chopping block. You are literally just another brick in his wall. Until people really understand this, that we are just Farm Animals to these people, slaves, then it will always be this tug of war or pendulastic exercise every 10 years between between freedom (right) and slavery (left). These people are not only scum of the earth, but fools.

Chuck said...

I truly hate not being able to edit my stuff.

"It's also quite easy to make them look like the fools they are by forcing them to accept/endorse the logical implications of their vile statements and policy objectives"

Chuck said...

There is no such thing as a nihilistic materialist. One is either this or that.

Personally, I'm a survivalist. I suppose that makes me a materialist.

The Right Guy said...

Ok, let me explain myself then. By materialist, I mean someone that devalues life. Someone that believes that we are nothing more than the sum of the elements and molecules than make us up, and no more That in itself is nihilistic. Am I wrong? Communists generally take that approach. No god but the state, and the state can do what it pleased against the individual.

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