Sunday, March 07, 2010

The Swedes are Totally Farkakte

The definition of Farkokte from Wikipedia: Farkakte (Yid., פֿאַרקאַקטע) – an adjective, meaning 'screwed up' or 'a bad idea'; literally, 'crapped' or 'becrapped', cf. German "verkackte(r)". 

About the only good thing to come out of sweden is what you see on the left. Michael J. Fox is another in a growing line of liberals to receive unearned rewards from the Swedish people. First there was Al Gore and his global warming hoax earning him a Nobel. Then their was Barack Hussein Obama and his Messiah World Tour earning a Nobel for not having done a damn thing. Now we have Michael J. Fox getting an honorary MD from the same institute that gave the other two mountebanks their awards. He's getting it for his work in Parkinson's disease. Nothing against Mr. Fox, but if he should get an honorary MD,  I am Greg House. These people do nothing but devalue their organization and what it once stood for. The Nobel Organization is a joke, and so are the swedish people. 

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Teresa said...

Your right. The nobel organization is a joke. I guess their giving out awards based on efforts for liberals instead of actual accomplishments.

Chris said...

Great blog. Everyone gets a trophy in liberal land.

Anonymous said...

the nobel peace prize is awarded in Norway.

The Right Guy said...

True, but they eat from the same trough.

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