Sunday, March 21, 2010

I Told You So

It is finished.

From My post of November 19, 2009:

If you haven't heard it, the vote for Obamacare with probably be this SaturdayDingy Harry has said the vote will be at 8pm, preceded by 10 hours of debate.

I really wish I could speak my mind, but unfortunately, the Secret Service would be at my door in minutes. All I can say is that these fabian socialist cowards have sold us down the river. I can only imagine that they believe that once they do their dastardly deed, it won't matter if they lose their jobs or not. It's like an explorer burning the ship to motivate the troops. It's a suicide move done in the context that they know they've won.

Right now we are facing the most drastic change to our country and economy extant. The government will control 48% of the economy after Saturday. We will be paying for this in advance for 3 years before in takes effect (there is so much wrong with the bill, it would take 10 posts to describe it all), and it will ruin what healthcare most of us do have. Not because they want to give a small percentage of the population healthcare insurance, but because they want people to become accustomed to being on the government dole. Again, they are bribing us with our own money, and we are fools to accept this. This is to create a class of people that are farm animals that will keep the farmers in charge. We are basically done.

The end game of this is to bring our society down to the lowest common denominator and in the end, to create a world where wealth does not exist. Almost everyone will suffer and/or be miserable together, where the ideals of excellence, pride, and self-interest will be no more. We will have become like farm animals producing for the collective. Sure, third world countries will do better than they do now, but it will be at the expense of those of us that have produced, that have risked and succeeded.

I wish I could blame only Obama or even the bunch of democrats in control, but the blame falls with the right as well and all of us. The answer is not the GOP. It never has been. They have been complicit in this debacle and while Rush, Sean and Beck have been wringing their hands (they've done little good), they are just the directors of the bread and circus stage right that have made sure to stash enough way to float out what they have left in there years. We will have three choices: Take the blue pill, the red pill or break out. In other words, we can join the collective, continue to play the loyal opposition, or do something meaningful. What do you want to do? At least John Galt had Galt's Gulch. I don't see anywhere that free men will be able to go, at least in the context of their end game. Like the old Winston commercial, would you rather fight than switch?

If you think I am being overly melancholy, depressive, dark, cynical, or over the top, ask yourself this question: Would you have thought this possible 3 years ago? Two years ago? Even a year ago? Time to wake up McFly.

Thank you for reading this blog.


Bungalow Bill said...

Comrade, welcome to Amerika. Obama is destroying this country.

The Right Guy said...

No shit. He's been trying to do so since January 20, 2009. Wait until immigration reform and cap and tax comes. The illegals are already banging on his door. Unless the states can sue and kill this, or by some unprecedented miracle the next congress repeals it. we better make other plans.

Chris W said...

Well said but it's not over yet. We still have some fight left in us.

RightKlik said...

Costa Rica?

The Right Guy said...

Where is the fight? Right now the best bet is the states. The gop is feckless.

May be Rush can afford to move abroad, it's easier when you have money, but for us plain folk it's a little harder. On the other hand, my ancestors came here looking for opportunity and left everything behind. May be we can make something better elsewhere, or may be we fight here. What's worse, being an expat or fighting for secession?

Héctor said...

Youdo realise that Costa Rica is a very eco-friendly country? They've commited to a no-carbon economy... So, yeah...

Chuck said...

I'm sure that involved a hell of a sacrifice. hoho

I've decided to give up picking coconuts...for the environment.

The Right Guy said...

May they have gills or can hold their breath real long.

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