Saturday, June 12, 2010

The Asininity of the State Run Media

 It what was probably thought of as a witty if not derigueur headline New oil numbers may do more harm to fish, wildlife, turns out to show how stupid the state run media is. The first question that comes to mind is, how can numbers change the impact of something that has already happened? The oil that spilled, spilt. Nothing can change that. The same number of animals and habitats will be affected regardless of the numbers assigned to the disaster. It only changes our perception. It's like saying the Romans used 5 nails to put Yeshua on the cross instead of 3 or the Nazis used 20 tons of sarin to gas the Jews instead of 10 tons. It doesn't matter. Yeshua died on the cross and 6 million Jews were exterminated.

This is all to gin up support for what will eventually become the destruction of the oil industry. While BP is responsible for this ultimately and will have to clear this up, it also shows that quite possibly, besides incompetence, that there are factions on the left that want inaction so as to use this to further their agenda. When we had Exxon Valdez, the PETA/Greenpeace types were on the shore cleaning up. Not so much here. The inaction from many sectors in the enviro-terrorist movement is incredible. I'd like to call it manufactured Karma. That is what the left does very well, besides straw man arguments and emotional based appeals. They also like to manufacture Karma.

Ultimately, what seems to be a lack of critical thinking on the part of AP writers (and boy is it prevalent), may turn out to be deliberate and calculating. What do you think?

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