Sunday, October 18, 2009

Anita Dunn Admits that Obama Administration Controls Media

Here's Anita Dunn breaking it down, explaining how the Obama administration created the 4th Branch of the government. She's actually proud of it. Is this Josef Goebbels in drag? Adolph would be proud. But then again, Anita looks up to Mao Tse-Tung. Is anyone paying attention?

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Alessandro Machi said...

In my opinion your headline is not accurate. There really is nothing controversial in what she said. They controlled THEIR MESSAGE via the internet and by trying to have live events where the segments are not cut down into sound bytes.

The real controversy surrounding Barack Obama's campaign was, did ACORN cheat on his behalf in the democratic caucus contests, and did ACORN use valid credit card numbers from donors who were had given all they could legally give to create fake donations using fake names with the real credit card account numbers.

And, how many international donations came from non US residents?

The problem we all face is Barack Obama did most of his deceit against Hillary Clinton and not John McCain and the republicans have little interest in helping to prove this.

The Right Guy said...

The result is the media is now complicit. If the media had any stones, they would have asked a lot more questions. They didn't...

And one of those questions is where those donations came from If I recall, a lot of donations that were made were in uneven amounts, like $39.44 as an arbitrary example. My guess is that they were made with a credit card from a foreign country and the monetary exchange made the american dollar amount uneven, while I am sure the native amount was, if that makes sense. Again, the us media did not look into this, because they were up Obama's ass. They still are.

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