Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Obama Tried To Manipulate The Rightwing Press: An Update

Breitbart reports White House at War with Fox News. I guess Roger Ailes didn't give in. I wonder what was in the offering? It seems that the White House is in overdrive trying to quash opposition. B&GF at The Right Stuff reports on the latest antics of Eric Holder & Co. trying to quash the truth coming from the right wing blogs. Obama truly understands the Marxist maxim that peace is the absence of opposition. Troll all you want Eric and Barry, it won't help.

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slashingtonguedotcom said...

The White house has to squash the bull shit coming out from FOX News. We do it too on our site. I think if I were President, Glenn Beck and Pastor Anderson would be in jail. But that goes back to one of your points, President Obama is just too soft. He should know how to knock them in the nuts...

The Right Guy said...

I guess you haven't heard of the 1st amendment and I would also guess that you would throw 90% of the press establishment in jail for how they treated Bush during his presidency. What about Dan Rather?

Luckily, we don't live in the totalitarian nightmare you would have us live in, although with MaObama, I could see it going that way.

For some reason I think you are just another left wing hack that doesn't like it when his ox is getting gored.

blackandgoldfan said...

slashing: If you don't like Fox News, DON'T FRICKIN' WATCH IT!!!

You've got the first sentence backwards. Fox News and those of us who care about freedom need to squash the bullshit coming from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

If you want to put dissidents in jail, move to fucking Cuba and tell Fidel and Raul you agree with them. They're really good at that.

I think if I were president, you and those who agree with your ideology would NOT be put in jail just for disagreeing. That's not what this country is about. How many people come here seeking political asylum because they can't speak out about their government in their native countries? You don't see people hopping a raft in Miami to float to Cuba, eh?

Obama is too soft. He kisses the asses of our enemies and apologizes for the greatness that is America. The man has no balls when it comes to doing what's right for this nation. He's made sure that this great country is viewed in the same light as Zimbabwe.

Don't like when your "messiah" is criticized, huh? Well, tough shit.

Left Coast Rebel said...

Slashing-tongue is a fitting name for someone that believes his right of speech takes precedence to mine, Glenn Beck's or anyone else.

Be careful what you wish for, as you may find yourself in the crosshairs of a far-right administration one day simply using the same rules and gestapo tactics that you have granted to your Obamanation.

Kharma and what comes around goes around. Totalitarianism gets everyone except for the top of the foodchain elites - eventually.

Teresa said...

The only place the bullshit is being flung from is the White House. So much bullshit that there is so much stench in the air that I think the residents in the White House need to move to China, Venezuela, or Cuba where they can enjoy the life filled with anti-freedom, anti-constitutional beliefs, and anti-capitalist beliefs. Fox News is willing to ask the hard-hitting questions unlike PMSNBC, ALL Barack Channel(ABC), CBS, and NBC that just like to kiss Obama's ass. Avoid the TRUTH and watch your anti-freedom loving channels. They distort the TRUTH constantly. I prefer to promote the 1st amenment unlike liberals. You obviously have no clue about how this country was founded. Just like a Liberal, not having a clue.

bluepitbull said...

Slashing, I find it comical that you are presenting obama as being too soft. Surely you don't believe in what you are saying. If you want hardline socialism, a good place to start is Venezuela, then Argentina, then round it all up with a trip to North Korea. They really know how to play hardball with free speech.

Funny that you claim Fox News as the anti hero in all of this, but have probably never watched it outside of three second sound bites.

Amusing Bunni said...

This must be one of the nutjob trolls that Black & Gold Fan warned us about on her great blog post, that we have all picked up. "If he was president", Glenn Beck and Paster MANNING, you moron, get the name right!
Go stick your head up obummers ass and keep kissing it until you pop out his mouth!
Trolls, they are entertaining! Good Foist!

Anonymous said...

Just because a network isn't packed wall to wall with doctrinaire leftists, doesn't mean it's the "rightwing press". You are allowing the scumbag left to hypnotize you.

Fox is the only news network in the country. The rest are boot licking shills for the wretched democrat party.

Obamarimjobtounge probably explained it best.

slashingtonguedotcom said...

FOX is a News organization my ass!

You want to compare Dan rather with Glenn Beck. Glenn Beck told the population to stab President Obama; that is a threat, that is why he should be in jail. You make a physical threat, you go to jail. It is as simple as that.

I personally know a couple of ladies that sent people to jail for threatening them, so why can't the President do the same for people that threaten to kill him?

Nobody said Bush should be drowned in acid.

And no I am not a left winger, I am an Independent telling it as it is.

There are only 4 real news stations/ providers in America, CSPAN, Reuters, AFP and AP. The rest are not.

And yes Black and Gold, the BS is coming from FOX. No I do not watch FOX. I work in this line, you get news from the sources I stated above. Rest are BS.

And Amusing Bunni, I did mean Pastor Anderson.

Free speech is like fire. Great to have. But like fire, it can burn if abused. And Glenn Beck and Pastor Anderson has done that.

If we had purged the crazies this way, there would not have been as Fort Hood! If they threatened to bomb us, lets arrest them! It is as simple as that. Same thing here with Pastor Anderson and Glenn Beck.

The Right Guy said...

Another seminar blogger, how nice. Glenn beck never said that, and if he did, certainly not in the context of what you purport. Go back to the commune, some some weed and Obama's bone.

The Right Guy said...

I meant smoke some weed and Obama's bone. You get the idea, now go.

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