Sunday, October 04, 2009

The Backstabbing Continues: Palin gets it from Steve Schmidt

Steve Schmidt and Bob Schrum throw Palin under the bus. Note to CNN, these guys are losers and sore losers at that. When was the last time Bob Schrum won anything? And Steve Schmidt? Look at how well McCain did. He's still a senator. If anything, this video shows where the dissension was in the McCain Campaign: With Steve Schmidt. I bet he was against picking Palin from the start and unconsciously and consciously sabotaged the campaign. Obviously his heart wasn't in it. All this serves as is to marginalize her before she really gets started. The Neo-Cons, and Country Clubbers on the right will be uniting with the Neo-Coms on the left to back the bus over Palin as many times as it takes to kill her political aspirations. All I can say is it is becoming neigh time for her to get on the horse and ride, or go home.

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blackandgoldfan said...

Maybe Schmidt feels that if McCain couldn't be president, he's not going to let Sarah have a chance at it.

Sour grapes anyone?

The Right Guy said...

Considering who he is with in the interview too, I bet he won't get hired so easily. I certainly wouldn't if I was running even for dog catcher.

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