Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Q:Why are Chicagoans Afraid To Come Out Of Their Homes?

This is a real simple post.

Question: Why are Chicagoans afraid to come out of their homes?

Answer: Because it is the only defense they have.

Chicago, one of the most corrupt cities in the nation, has proven feckless and impotent in protecting it's citizens. It lets the riff raff run the show, while the police play grab ankles with each other.

Why you ask? I have one supposition, no, make that two, may be, as to why. I am sure that John Lott could give a better account, but here goes.
Chicago, like other cities, has gangs. A lot of gangs in fact. What makes Chicago special is that these gangs are used to motivate and produce the vote, a lot like union thugs. Politicians use "community organizers" to liaise with gangs in order to get the people in a particular district to vote for a particular candidate. It's the only way corrupt politicians in the 2nd most corrupt city in America can keep their jobs.

When you have such ties to gangs, which are basically organized criminals, it basically both legitimizes them and emboldens them. The politicians would rather sacrifice a few citizens and BS them later, than tackle the the real problems of crime, which is getting rid of criminals while removing their breeding grounds.

The second issues revolves around incorrect thinking. Call it liberalism if you like. Chicago is full of liberals that think all sorts of incorrect thoughts, like citizens are not allowed to protect themselves from criminals, and that criminals have more rights than free citizens. Such is the liberal dementia.

How is this manifested? The people of Chicago, and Illinois are not allowed to carry concealed weapons legally. Just like Washington DC, that other paradigm of a safe community, you just can't do it. The criminals of course, don't really care, as they and the local politicians are in each other's pockets and hey, it's business.

My advice is to allow the people, the law abiding people of Chicago and Illinois to be able to arm themselves and protect themselves. It's a fundamental right and one that will be taken up by the Supreme Court. Until then, I have no advise for Chicagoans that is legal, except do what you have to do to protect yourself.

Until the SCOTUS decides this case, protect youself, and thank you for reading this blog.


Amusing Bunni said...

Hi Right Guy! Great post and links. I've lived in Chicago my whole life, and my parents did too.
It has gone downhill very fast.

I live in a "better" area, and I don't even go out at night, unless I have a ride. The animals (no, that's an insult to animals) the scum that runs the streets with impunity is a disgrace. Mayor Daley and the whole Chicago machine that's responsible for electing obummer, is despicable. I hate our gun laws.
If the housing market wasn't so horrible, I'd sell out and move. When I do it will be to somewhere like AZ, where they have concealed carry, or not even concealed. I'd like to walk around w/ a holster and a nice piece..you don't see rampant crime in those areas like here. Like my blog motto says....Worse. Every. Day! btw, thx for following.....you have a super blog too, I"m following.

The Right Guy said...

Thanks amusing bunni. Utah is a great state for gun rights as well, as is Texas. Iowa is kind of middle of the road, a little better than NY, but not much as far as gun laws go. When I retire, it will be somewhere that is more libertarian. Until then, I'll have to use the decoder ring.

blackandgoldfan said...

Despite being a usually blue state, PA actually has pretty lax gun laws compared to other states. Of course if states would only realize that the only gun law we need is the Second Amendment...

@ bunni: Most states allow open carry with stipulations (unloaded in a car, etc.). As long as it's visible, in most states it's legal.

Anonymous said...

The First Amendment is under attack. The Second Amendment is next. Guns were never needed more than now.

The Right Guy said...

The 4th and 5th amendment may precede. did you read about Holder & Co. at LR?

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