Sunday, October 18, 2009

Libertarian Talk Show Host Defends Sarah Palin and Gets Threaten By CPAC Leader

John Zeigler, a Libertarian talk show host gets threatened by David Keane, head of CPAC.

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Teresa said...

OMG, I just wanted to come through my computer screen and punch the hell out of David Keane. What a freaking grumpy old man. Him getting uneasy in his seat makes me almost positive that he's a damn liar. John Ziegler is great!! He did an excellent job of making Keane look like an a$$ while trying to get answers from him.

Anonymous said...

The guy deserved to get the shit beat out of him. What an insufferable prick. I actually used to like the guy until I sat through that shitfest. It's like the guy wants to be Palin's tampon, for goodness sake.

Anonymous said...

I'm still trying to figure out what question wasn't answered. The ACU guy explained himself pretty well. Then Party Boy continued to prattle on like a friggen talking doll. He's lucky no one like me was there. Though I suppose he really could have gotten some priceless press if he'd actually managed to get his strange ass stomped through the floor.

He's like David Brock's twin sister or sumpm.

Thanks for the eye opener,


The Right Guy said...

Zeigler lost his mind somewhat when he lost his job at KFI. Then he did the rational thing and bad mouthed his former employer thereby burning a bridge. The result is is has to do this instead of working on radio. John had a good radio show, and it's too bad he didn't end up somewhere else.

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