Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Chuck Gets It

The Right Guy is not above changing his mind and he also likes a repentant sinner. In today's senate finance committee vote, Charles Grassley, Senator from Iowa, voted against the Obamacare amendment and not only did The committee’s top Republican, Senator vote against it, he had this to say:

“This bill is already moving on a slippery slope toward more government control of health care,” 

Obviously Chuck had an epiphany. I cannot however, say the same thing about Olympia Snowe. The ersatz senator from Maine and the Wicked Witch from the East had this to say:

“Is this bill all that I would want?” Ms. Snowe asked. “Far from it. Is it all that it can be? No. But when history calls, history calls. And I happen to think that the consequences of inaction dictate the urgency of Congress to take every opportunity to demonstrate its capacity to solve the monumental issues of our time.”

Obviously Ms. Snowe doesn't get it and she must be one of those feckless politicians that thinks she has to do something, even if it is wrong or evil, just because she wants to look like she is doing something. 

Luckily, she is not my senator, as she would feel the heat. 

Mr. Grassley, thank you for coming to your senses, and voting with a conscience and thank you for reading this blog. 


Bungalow Bill said...

I hate to get x-rated, but don't you get mental images of Olympia Snowe on her knees in front of Obama? Enough said.

The Right Guy said...

Well Clay, I just have the feeling she is not so good at it and to be honest, she does nothing for me. I am sure Mrs. Obama is proficient enough.

Isn't it interesting how Dems surround themselves with ugly women? Or am I getting off track?

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