Saturday, December 20, 2008

Car Prices: Where's the Crack?

I was thinking about purchasing another vehicle, as my current one is pushing on 9 years old and it's not exactly ergonomically suited for me. In the past, I have owned three trucks and decided to research a few models of SUVs and Pickup Trucks. Considering that the big three are in dire straights, you'd think there would be better deals then there are. What passes for GM's red tag sale is incredible. I'd like to know what drug these car dealers smoke, inject or snort before the come up with their pricing. It's no wonder they are in the mess they are in. I can understand the dealers probably have to pay some flooring fees and they have to make a profit, which is a good thing, but considering the inventories they have, they aren't priced to move and they aren't. Karl Chevrolet and Stew Hansen Dodge are the worst in my area in terms of pricing (In fact, I am surprised at the disparity in pricing with some vehicles between dealers, albeit too high in price anyway). And it doesn't seem to make much difference for new or used. A vehicle that is a year old or more isn't necessarily any cheaper. My take is that they want to make the new cars more attractive in price, but in either case, the prices haven't dropped to the point where I would buy, and I have a friend that would give me an employee discount voucher, which cuts the price only a little bit (Poor bastards that work for GM. You'd think they'd give them a better break). 

May be I am a cheap fuck, but I will tell you what: I have no car payment now, so why would I want one? In as much as I hate my car because of it's ergonomics and age, I like not sending several hundred dollars to a lender every month, and paying a higher insurance payment and registration fees. The big three and their dealers haven't gotten it yet and may be they never will. So my unanswered question is, what can you do for me to want to go from no car payment to increased debt (I could buy it cash, but why? Cars lose money the second they hit the street, so I'd rather have my money getting some interest)? As Scotty once said, "you're just not worth it." May be I just need to move somewhere that I can ride my motorcycle all year round and screw the car. The motorcycle is better on gas, cheaper on insurance, and if I have to buy a new one, a lot cheaper than a car. 

Thank you for reading this blog. 


Anonymous said...

One of the good things about living on the west coast is, that we don't have to worry about salt eating up our cars from icy roads. At least till this week! I drive a twenty year old Cadillac that "ergonomically" fits my 6'4" frame. Change the oil every two-thousand miles and she treats me like the good daddy I am. And by the way, she is paid for many, many times over. ;)

The Right Guy said...

I am 6'5 and drive an 2001 VW Jetta. It used to be my wife's until we got the minivan and then I inherited it. The car has been fine, but it's like being birthed getting in and out of it. We get plenty salt out here. The high today will be -2 and the wind is blowing around 30 mph.

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