Saturday, December 27, 2008

Hollywood's Elites: Stupid is as stupid does

It seems scientific illiteracy is considered a badge of honor among hollywood's elites. They should ad political and historical as well. Oprah would believe or feign to believe anything to make a buck, and as for the rest, they are just plain, well, stupid. 

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Geri said...

I agree!

phthaloblu said...

I also agree. Can't stand any of them. Self-righteous, self-absorbed and mediocre acting at best.

The Right Guy said...

The problem is we worship celebrity in this country. We worship people that can say words convincingly before a camera, hit a ball or put one through a hoop. These people get a sense of entitlement from this worship such that they think not only do they deserve what they get in compensation, but that what they say and do matter to us as well and that they are some sort of authority. There's a fine line between a successful artist and a failure. Would you take advice from a starving artist bum on the lower east side? I wouldn't. Success seems to have the potential to corrupt one's ability at self-assessment and importance.

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