Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Iran Will Have the Bomb in the Next Year

How will president elect Obama deal with Iran? He has promised that he will have open talks with Iran and Ahmadinejad, but at this point, what good will they do? Ahmadinejad has been stalling for years now and if he has a year or less before they have a bomb, he will surely stall until and beyond then. Complicit with this anti-semitic tyrant is China and Russia who have been giving Iran the technology and knowhow to make this happen. Some will argue that this is just a correction is creating nuclear balance in the middle east. I would assert that Iran is just another proxy in the fight between the communist powers and those of democracy. 

Just as Russia and China are aligning with countries in Central and South America too. The cold war didn't end with Reagan, it just took a nap. Putin, being an ex-KGB agent is an old, cold warrior. Watch him walk. He keeps his right hand at his side when he walks, near his imaginary sidearm. Here is a narcissist, may be even a socio-path that has been indoctrinated in an organization that is second to ruthlessness only to the Guoanbu and it's predecessor the CDSA, and he leads Russia. I am digressing here, but you really need to understand who and what is behind this. 

On the other hand, as crazy and Ahmedinejad is, I don't think he'll drop the bomb on Israel if he has only one, and even if he has more than one, I think he would only do it if the United States was weakened enough that it could not or would not respond. Another thing to remember is that other countries in the world do not think in short term as we do that usually coincide with election cycles. They will see things in terms of decades or even centuries. Still, with all this mess, islamo-fascism must be considered in the equation as well. Iran is a big supporter of AQ, and weapons could be distributed to terrorists and used that way. 

The long term goal of team Marx is to create an axis of alliances that are to the detriment of the United States and its allies. Some of them have different axes to grind with us, but it really comes down to two things: One, we are the preeminent capitalist democracy in the world. Competitors naturally want to knock off number one. Two, whether it is Russia, China, Iran, Cuba, Venezuela or theocratic totalitarian states, they see the right of individual self -determination as anathema to their own philosophy and a threat to their power. The funny thing is that our defeat may not come directly from the hands of our enemies, but from within, through the continued socialization of our government and society. This is not by coincidence or chance though, but rather by design. I told you these people think in terms of decades. Sometimes change requires the patience of generations. They have it, we don't.

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