Thursday, December 18, 2008

Mika Brzezinski Mugged: Is There Hope?

Update: Mika was on the Joe Scarborough radio show and she says she has compassion for the criminal. One, obviously she is not and will not be a conservative. Two, she's stupid, and obviously likes being a victim. Someday she may not be so lucky, and with that attitude it is no wonder she got mugged. She must have "Easy Mark" written all over her. 
They say a conservative is a liberal that has been mugged. So will Mika be a convert? Mika was mugged in Washington DC on Thursday morning while waiting for a car. My normal advice would be to arm oneself, but it happened in the People's Republic of Washington DC, so getting a carry license even after Heller would probably be futile. Even so, the guy did not appear to be armed, but just demanded $20 or else, and he was satisfied with $6. It's Ironic that it was DC, as what's the difference between the mugger and a politician? May be it was Barney Frank looking for some spare change for a new habitrail. 

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The Right Guy said...

Marko wanted to post a comment to this with a link to a video. Unfortunately I could not verify the video as it was a Windows only executable. For all I know it could be a virus, and since I personally promulgate 100% cross platform compatibility, I cannot post this link.

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