Sunday, December 07, 2008

Remember Pearl Harbor

Remember Pearl Harbor, a day that lives in infamy. A good friend, Joe Hydrusko, was on a ship hear the Arizona and when the Arizona went down. Joe was a corpsman on a hospital ship and he dove in and saved over 20 men. Joe was never awarded the CMH, and he should have been. He was quite a character and sadly died in a plane accident over twenty years ago. He used to fly his Stinson Reliant around the statue of liberty on Pearl Harbor day and drop roses on it in remembrance of what happened and the people that lost their lives that day. It was something I have to admit seemed unreal to me until we had 9/11. God bless Joe, and the rest. 

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H├ęctor said...

Not that I agree with that, but what do you think about the "theory" that the US government knew of the attack, but let it occur so the public would endorse and support an intervention in WWII?

The Right Guy said...

A lot of people throw that around. I do think Japan was being expansionist and imperialist, and I do think we did not have the best relations with them. I don't think we knew exactly the 5W's, but in some ways to some people it was not a surprise. You have to remember there wasn't the media we had today, there was no internet, let alone computers. Even if we knew a day or two before, I doubt it would have affected the outcome. It's like people that say why didn't we just demonstrate the bomb to the japanese instead of dropping it on them. They seem to forget that even after getting hit twice, they didn't surrender immediately. Take it another way, I think FDR was more than willing to rally the Americans and he was fully expecting it. When you consider what Germany, Japan, Italy and Russia were doing before Pearl, it was just a matter of time before we got pulled in. It just happened to be with the Japanese first.

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