Thursday, December 18, 2008

Identity Politics: Jonah Goldberg and Peter Beinart

I have always been against identity politics, which is basically a crude and simplistic derivation of constituency based politics that was first fomented by FDR. If anything, this has kept our country divided to the extent that most people won't get what they want because on the political side, it keeps people divided enough that the power rests in two parties that may cater to 50 or 100 constituencies, with positions of said constituencies often conflicting with one another, in which case we have the 21st century version of the snake oil salesman going into politics. The quest for power generally draws the worst of society out, and sometimes the best. With Identity politics, it also draws out the most insane. Only the most compartmentalized narcissist can excel at this profession, which has become more like a combination of professional sports and soap opera. Ulysses Grant said that the best, most efficient service is from those that are called upon, not those that seek. May be he had a point. 

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