Monday, December 29, 2008

Oregon Leads the Way to Socialism

Governor Kulongoski of Oregon is pushing an initiative to charge people for the amount they drive. He wants to do this through the use of GPS installed in citizen's cars. This is heinous on at least two fronts. One, it would require that someone install GPS tracking in cars. THe push seems to be that car manufacturers do this. I find this convenient now that the federal government has 2 out of the big 3 over a barrel with loans. This is a clear invasion of privacy as they can track everywhere you go. The second travesty here is that it is another tax. He could just raise the tax on fuel, but obviously that isn't intrusive enough. This has been mentioned in my state and I have to wonder if the democrat governors read from the same thinking points when it comes to controlling their citizenry in the future. Politicians, particularly those on the left, seem to have a love of taking money that isn't theirs or the government's to begin with. As with gun rights, the ACLU is abundantly silent on issues of taxation as well, even when privacy is an issue. Politicians like this have to go. Situations like this make me wonder what happened to the Oregon from which my ancestors came. This is not the same state, nor is it the same people. 

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Anonymous said...

Pfffttt! Nothing new here for me, as I live in this God forsaken state.

The Right Guy said...

I understand your sentiment, but what I do not understand is where these guys come from and why they get elected. If I work and earn money from my labor, why do these people believe that they have a right to my labor, my money and ultimately my time on this planet, for which I will never get back? what's the difference between taxation and sticking someone up? At least the stick up artist is honest in his or her intentions. Politicians use such phrases as "the greater good" and "the social contract". With every string attached, no matter how good the intention or use, abrogates the individual's liberty. If said stick up artist was using the money to build homeless shelters, would that make it ok? To me no, it is still a theft.

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