Saturday, December 27, 2008

Israel Attacks Gaza

Israel attacks Gaza in what has been described as the bloodiest days if conflict with the palestinians. What the press isn't telling you is that Hamas, which rules Gaza (and by the way, wants to impose sharia law), is backed by Iran, which wants to se and end to Israel through total destruction. Hamas has been rocketing Israel, unprovoked. On top of this, Israel has been pressured not to take action against Iran, whose nuclear development has been speculated to be used to create nuclear weapons to be used against Israel. What should Israel do? Every attempt to make peace with the people of Ishmael has never been viewed as enough by the palestinians. My assertion is that Hamas will not stop until Israel is dead and buried, and then they will not know what to do, so they will have to create a new enemy. 

Israel will be condemned for this, but as usual, when Hamas or any other arab faction commits acts against Israel that are wrong, none of the arab nations condemns them. If Hamas or any other faction wants peace with Israel, they must cease relations with nation that want Israel's destruction. If they do not, Hamas may unleash hell, but god's chosen people will win in the end. 

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