Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Is the ISI behind the attacks in India? John Batchelor gives us his insight

when it comes to world affairs, particularly those of the middle and far east, there are few that can match wits and knowledge with John Batchelor. Here is Mr. Batchelor or JB as he is affectionately known, giving his opinions on the subject of the latest terrorist attacks in Mumbai and the connection to Pakistan and terrorism in general. Props to JB.

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suv said...

No doubt about it that the isi has been behind the attacks. The Pakistani Government never had full control over ISI and the Army, and it can be proved by the fact that Pakistan was rules by the army, during Musharraf, and once even before in their short span as a country.

The Right Guy said...

If that is the case, what can be done?

suv said...

Well, no idea really, you can't just go on with the blame game. Pakistan says something to its citizens and so does India. What we get to know is from the media. I wouldn't be surprised if the Chinese media in Mainland China reports that this is an act done by India by the separatist groups, so Chinese wont get to know about Pakistani hand AT ALL. Now Indian media, US media and European media more or less has taken similar stand. I was watching thin Pakistani news channel debate on youtube the other say, the amount stupid lies they makeup is like unbelievable. No wonder the citizens of Pakistan think they are hard done by. Only thing to do to Pakistan is to make it the new Iraq, I am sorry, but I don't think that you can straighten a dog's tail.

The Right Guy said...

The problems is that they have nuclear weapons, and not only that, they have them in subs. Wasn't a lot of the Pakistan/Indian problems caused by the British annexation? Pakistan hasn't existed a country traditionally. Between Pakistan and Iran, the AQ and the Taliban have plenty places to hide. I don't see an easy transition in Afghanistan. They don't have a legal way to make money, and they are truly living in the 12th century in many ways.

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