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Arizona Makes Changes To Its Conceal Carry Law

This is from the blog, Virtual Mirage, written by LL. I have always respected his work and felt we are cut from the same cloth. Here is an article from his blog of today, and I am happy to reprint it here with my full endorsement. I will also add that not only am I a huge defender of the second amendment, but I am a huge proponent of not only shall issue laws, but open carry as well. In the case of Arizona, it seems that they have gone beyond shall issue right to unrestricted concealed carry, like Alaska and Vermont. Bravo I say, and more power to them and any state that follows them.

Arizona Conceal Carry Law by LL

On Thursday, the Arizona House voted to make the state the third in the nation to allow people to carry concealed weapons without a permit. The legislation, approved by the House 36-19 without discussion, would make it legal for most U.S. citizens 21 or older to carry a concealed weapon in Arizona without the permit now required. Governor Jan Brewer is expected to sign the measure into law.

Arizona will join Alaska and Vermont in not requiring permits to carry concealed weapons. Forty-five other states require permits for hidden guns, and two states — Illinois and Wisconsin — prohibit them altogether.

Firearms restrictions only affect people who want to follow the rules because criminals will carry hidden guns regardless of the law.

Under the measure, Arizonans would still be subject to the background checks federal law requires when buying firearms from a store. People carrying a concealed weapon would be required to tell a police officer if asked, and the officer could temporarily take the weapon while communicating with the gun carrier.

Brewer, a Republican who took office in January 2009, is very supportive of citizen's rights to own, bear and retain arms. Her predecessor, Democrat Janet Napolitano, vetoed several measures pushed by gun-rights supporters before resigning to run the U.S. Homeland Security Department.

On Monday, Brewer signed two bills loosening gun restrictions. One bill broadened the state's current restrictions on local governments' ability to regulate or tax guns and ammunition. The other bill declares that guns manufactured entirely in Arizona are exempt from federal oversight and are not subject to federal laws restricting the sale of firearms or requiring them to be registered.

I like Arizona!

( - A new reportpublished by shows that more guns in the hands of law-abiding citizens results in fewer deaths from the use of firearms. [I never thought I'd see MSNBC put out a pro-firearm story no matter what the reality of the situation is.]
“Firearms in the hands of law-abiding citizens prevent 1 million robberies, murders and rapes every year,” John Pierce, a Virginia-based gun-rights activist with, told 
Alan M. Gottlieb, vice president of the Second Amendment Foundation (SAF), called the finding "further evidence that everything the gun prohibitionists have been claiming and predicted over the past two decades has been fundamentally fraudulent.”

EVERYWHERE concealed carrying of firearms has been legalized, crime dropped. Allowing honest people to arm themselves made criminals more wary when committing crime. Criminals will always be armed. Allowing citizens the same right merely levels the playing field.  We're talking reality here, not how life should be in a perfect, utopian world.

Thank you for reading this blog.

The Right Guy has interviewed John Pierce fro Open Carry .org. Go here to listen.


Chris W said...

Isn't AZ great? Well except for McAmnesty.

Coming from such an anti-2nd Amendment state like MA was a bit of a culture shock at first but I have assimilated nicely.

The Right Guy said...

I am from the great people's republic of new york, long island cell. I know about anti-gun, but it's not a whole lot better in Iowa. Neither are shall issue states, although the county I live in, more or less is and the sheriff is great, but as a whole, it's not the best. No firearms within 1000' of a school or government building, no matter if you have a CCW or not. They want to make education and civil service safe for criminals.

So you moved to AZ? It's a choice for me. My wife works for a major US company and we have the flexibility to live in about 12 different cities. We've checked out Denver and Charlotte. My wife didn't like Charlotte, but Denver is beautiful, although there are a lot of granola freaks. Chandler AZ is another choice. Do you live near there?

Anonymous said...

I was considering Arizona for my eventual exodus from the PNW, but after hearing Governor Jan Brewer on the Hugh Hewitt show the other day, maybe it isn't the wisest choice. Brewer claims AZ is in as bad or almost as bad of shape as California, fiscally. That said, Californians are leaving in droves, and AZ is one of their destinations. Idaho, Colorado, Texas, Nevada, Florida and of all places, Indiana are other states Californians are running for their lives to.

I do wish I didn't have such aversion to cold weather. It would make life easier in deciding where to move. Of the freest and warmest states, Texas would have to be it. I'm still not gung-ho about the idea, as Colorado would be a good choice. I lived there briefly during the 70's, and loved it... except for the cold.

I would look more into AZ, Right Guy.

The Right Guy said...

Colorado Springs isn't as cold as Denver and it's more conservative. I imagine if you live in the southern part of the state it isn't bad. As far as AZ goes, I just don't know what it would be like to live in 100˚+ weather 4-6 months out of the year. I hate heat, like Florida. I have been to the Mojave, and that was an oven in July, just like when you open a hot oven and get hit with the heat. Florida is Viet Nam. Never been to Texas, Idaho, or Nevada. I don't know about Nevada. One of my wife's brother's passed away and they buried him today. He moved to Henderson a couple months ago and mom didn't hear from him in 10 days. We sent her brother Jon that lives in LA out to check up and he found him. Only 45 years old. Was sitting on the couch watch TV. Sad thing is he was there for 10 days and no one that lived in the apartment building or work tried to find out where he was. So Nevada isn't first on my list.

Have you thought about SLC? Very good gun rights.

Anonymous said...

SLC? I take it you mean, Salt Lake City. I just don't think SLC would be a good fit for me. I guess it comes down to which values are top on one's list. For instance, Michael Dean, a libertarian Republican bloogger from Wyoming said he chose Wyoming to move from Los Angeles because of the great gun rights with the state. He apparently looked at my guage, the Mercatus Center study of freest states, but made his decision, not on overall freedom, but what was best for he and his wife. Marijuana and gay rights were not as important to him,therefore Wyoming was better suited than Colorado or Oregon, which is better for pot smokers. At this point in time, a high priority for me would be any state which goes against the grain of the latest federal monster imposed on us: Health care "reform." So, when it comes time to leave the PNW in less than two years, I will spend time scouting around for what I hope is my final move. And besides, Mercatus, Forbes, and Pacific Research etc, all have differing views on which states have the most liberty.

Here is something I just recently started to think about. My primary political philosophy is libertarian, so I don't know how I would live around solid conservatives, especially having been around liberals my whole life. While I have limited experience with conservatives, much has been very positive, as we have many views in common. But, there is the morality issue so many have problems with. I'm used to telling liberals exactly what is on my mind without hesitation, but I don't think I could be as rude to polite folks, which is what I have experienced from conservatives.

And then there is the so-called anarchist positions so prevalent among Free State Project people in New Hampshire. But that is a discussion for another time.

Finding a place in the sun with liberty , is more difficult than ever. You have problems with high heat, while that is not a concern for me. But the opposite is true with cold climates. We should keep each other informed of good and bad things we hear about from various states, and a good common ground is gun and economic rights.

The Right Guy said...

I used to tolerate cold well until I got in my 40"s and got knee problems. This past winter really put a dent in any love I had for winter.

I'd have to see what AZ is like and Texas for that matter. Never been to either state, so I'd reserve opinion as a final decision until then.

The deal with conservatives is you have a couple flavors:socons and ecocons. Colorado Springs has socons as focus on the family is there. I consider myself a conservative libertarian, some might say paleo-librtarian, I prefer classical liberal, which to me means libertarian, not libertine. I don't smoke pot, but I don't see it much different than alcohol. As far as the gay rights thing, from a libertarian point of view, I think it is difficult to come up with an argument against it, but going in either direction has it's negative consequences. Gun and economic rights are a big deal to me. I hate taxes and I hate not having the option to protect myself as I see fit. I also think speed limits, specifically how they are done in some places, are a way to collect taxes. Did you know AZ has speed trap cameras? Guilty until you pay the fine... If gun rights are important, you can go to sites like and

Anyway, I will visit Texas and AZ at some point as I want to make an informed decision about any move. I had never been to Iowa other than for an interview before moving here. I won't do that again. Research, research, research.

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