Sunday, April 25, 2010

Man Arrested For Legally Carrying A Gun

James Goldberg of Glastonbury Connecticut was recently arrested for carrying a gun at a local Chili's restaurant. While he was later released because he was legally carrying the gun, it underscores the public's ignorance when it comes to carry laws and also the importance, in a general sense, that people who do carry, whether open or concealed, need to know if a certain place allows the possession of a gun on their premises. In this case, it is not clear if chili's has a prohibition, but there are establishments in my locale that do proscribe the carrying of weapons, like the Merle Hay Mall. They state it plainly on signs. While I disagree with them, it is their right.

Connecticut is one of 13 states that allow open carry with restrictions. According to The Free Library, others are Utah, North Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa, Tennessee, Mississippi, Georgia, Indiana, Maryland, New Jersey, Rhode Island and Massachusetts.

States that offer open carry without licenses or restrictions are Alaska, Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, South Dakota, Vermont, Kentucky and Virginia.

Read the complete story at World Net Daily.

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