Saturday, April 24, 2010

Rasmussen Results Tell The Story

With all the hoopla and hand wringing going on about the immigration bill just passed in Arizona, a Rasmussen poll shows that 70% of Arizonans support the bill.

This is no surprise. While the hollywood and left wing set decry the law, they do not have to live in Arizona where the consequences of illegal immigration are mote dire than getting your landscaping done cheaply.

There are real dire consequences there, like murder, rape and robbery, and also the toll on social services like healthcare and education. We are talking about illegal aliens. A wave of Obama's magic wand with amnesty will not change the negative impact on our society. All it will do is legitimize an underclass and create a constituency for democrats. No matter what they say, that is the real reason behind amnesty.

Arizona is the first to put it's foot down, with Sheriff Joe Arpaio leading the charge. I expect other states to follow suit.

For the record, The Right Guy believes legal immigration is a good thing. All of us got here from immigration, including so called native americans. The culture we have had was one of excellence, freedom and responsibility coupled with opportunity. This means we welcome those that take initiative, work hard, obey the laws, and live here responsibly. The reward is that people from other countries not only live a better life here and contribute, but they also move up socio-economically. This doesn't happen so well in other countries. Furthermore, allowing illegal immigration or granting amnesty does not send the best here. There is no standard, just that if you can walk across a desert, you can come here. What about a Korean Physicist or Indian Computer Scientist that does everything by the book and has to wait years? It's hardly just or fair to give someone a leg up just because they live next door and it suits the democrats political purposes.

The bottom line is that while we need to adjust our immigration laws to allow more people to come and live here permanently, and to get the best, we also have a responsibility to those already here to ensure public safety, and justice to those who do things by the book. American Exceptionalism demands that we do so, not lay out our flag as a door mat to those who couldn't give a shit.

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Anonymous said...

Arizona is coming along. In just a week or two, their governor has taken steps to insure protection for their citizens. Protection the federal government not only doesn't support, but looks upon with contempt. Perhaps with their new gun law, and now immigration law, AZ might not be a bad place to relocate to.

The Right Guy said...

Could be Will. The heat is the only thing to live with. It's on my list of places to check out.

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