Monday, April 26, 2010

The Iron Lady Got It Right

From Margaret Thatcher's last House of Commons Speech on November 22, 1990, where she addresses income inequality and a single currency.

H/T Taxing Tennessee and the ever prescient Carpe Diem. I have to say you have to love the brits grit. At least they used to have it.

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Chuck said...

O, how I have come to loathe the British. They were were a bunch of simpering twits even back then. Thatcher gave them a short reprieve from their cultural cowardice. These days they are a pack of nutless surrender monkeys.

It depresses me. She was the greatest force for good in the world not that long ago. A moral giant among a world of naked (and clothed)pygmies. Now she has reduced herself to a Kabuki theater of self immolation. Thatcher was never ashamed of Great Britain, or of being British. Every politician since her has been so.

Great nations commit suicide for some reason. They are never conquered. They blow their own brains out...out of imagined shame.

Yet hope lives. Politics is fleeting, and the current crop of scum governing this country are about to see a rout they have never imagined.

The Right Guy said...

Europeans in general have a self-loathing and hatred as well as a misunderstanding whence they came from. Thatcher was an island in a mix of what you call nutless surrender monkeys, or as some call the french, wine drinking and cheese eating surrender monkeys. Churchill had a pair, but he's long dead. It's a European disease in this case that comes from centuries of subjugating themselves to all sorts of despots, dictators and mountebanks. Anyone with half a brain came here, and now we have the disease creeping in here too.

Sometimes I think they'd be better served by a good king. I've love to see the Queen "take the piss" and tell the prime minister where the bear shits in the woods. She actually has more power than she ever uses in that sense. The socialists there really have ruined it.

The Right Guy said...

BTW, I am part brit ancestry. My great grandmother was from London. She came here in 1895 and married an Irishman. That must have been interesting.

Chuck said...

I'm 2 parts Irish, one part Scot and one part Brit. Thing is, there be all kinds of Eire in the Brit and Scot end of my woodpile. Few looking for work ever bragged about being Irish when my folk came over.

There used to be a bunch called O'Coffer. They bended to social pressure and changed their name.

The Right Guy said...

Great grandma was a Deacon, and there were also Grove's, Allison's, Scripp's and Locke's in that tree. She married a Coyne. Mom's dad's side had Danish (Hargis), French (See derived from De Seay) and native American. My dad was FBI: Full Blooded Italian.

Chuck said...

Damn, Dude. You really are a mutt. You are much more American than I. hoho

Good on ya'. There is a reason we are the best people in the world. It's because we are the best of all the people in the world.


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