Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A Reply To John Batchelor and Company

A Reply to John Batchelor and Company.

Peter and JB:
John went to seminary. Of course he knows what messianic figures are about, and he understands Obama. At least I would hope so.

Obama is a fabian socialist. That means an incrementalist approach. I think that he'll shove anything he can down our throats before next january knowing there is no precedent of repealing social reform bills etc. I don't think he cares because he is a man on a mission. What matters is getting the job done. Keeping the job after 2012 is a secondary thought because he has the job now and that's when he can get things done in his context.

Does he want to destroy America as we know it? Yes. It's a tenet of marxism to destroy traditions and rewrite history to suit the marxist regime that follows. His ideology is one of dependence, of puerile dependence of citizens on the government, like farm animals. It's where he believes his power will come from. Once hooked, like an opium addict, most people won't want to get off it. Look at Europe. They are willing to work most of the year for the government. Such foolishness in my estimation and anathema to what America has been. He will use economic populism which is as old as the book and as evil as the devil. Envy as JB knows is proscribed in on of the commandments (coveting), yet the left will use it to foment and redirect discontent (The right uses social issues). Such measures work on the weak minded and they have to break another commandment, stealing, to complete the transaction. I guess the lessons at Sunday school didn't sink in.

What JB may not want to admit is that by being some sort of loyal opposition as he usually portrays, does not repel the onslaught of this leviathan. I have said it before and I will say it again, had JB been a commentator during the revolution, he would have been wringing his hands about the war. I respect his civility and breeding, but like any good tool box, you have to everything available, even if you eschew some of the tools. Nothing is off the table. It doesn't mean you have to use it, just that the other side realizes you can if you want.

Where does this leave us? I could be wrong, but if the GOP/Tea Party does well this november, Obama will be nullified to a great extent. What worries me is the damage done between now and January. I think we should be pushing for as much repeal as we can and I support Beck's position on reduction of government. It not time for the GOP and opposition to Obama to be feckless or timid. The pendulum is swinging and it's time we go with the momentum.

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