Tuesday, April 06, 2010

The Road To The Farm Was Paved With Lots Of Taxes

Paul Volker, paper hanger and advisor to the mountebank in chief has told Obama that "we...need to consider a European-style value-added tax" in order to bring our deficits under control. This advice comes on the day England raised it's top tax bracket to 50% for people that £150K per year. That's $229K a year in the states. That's just income tax. The brits also have VAT and luxury taxes as well.

Well, what's good for the mother country, must be good for us, eh Paul? Did it ever occur to you to cut spending? A novel idea, eh?

Well, the farmers in DC are continuing to implement their farm animals in training plan on the citizens of the united states. You will see in the ensuing months, that Obama will trot out plan after plan pushing his progressive socialist agenda at a break neck pace to beat the November (Really January) deadline. Obamacare was just the start. We have the balloon floated for a VAT tax, Amnesty, Disarmament, Cap and Tax, FCC regulation of new media, and it goes on and on.

In 1765, England passed a Stamp Act which required that many printed materials in the colonies be produced on stamped paper produced in London and carrying an embossed revenue stamp. While the act was repealed a year later after many protests from the people, including the sons of liberty, many smaller taxes were levied thereafter in an effort to pay off the 7 years war (the national debt for England was £130,000,000). This precipitated the American Revolution. When will the people become aware that we are under the same threat we were 245 years ago? When will Obama learn that his actions have consequences? He is not a king, as much as he would like to be an absolute monarch. The yoke is coming my friends. Do you take it willingly or do you resist?

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Teresa said...

The idea of cutting spending would actually make sense. Do you actually think that these pigs in Washington understand the concept of common sense? Or doing the right thing? They are simply wasteful pigs. They don't care about doing right by the people.

The Right Guy said...

They are willfully wasteful pigs. They like to throw our money at problems that are black holes they created.

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