Monday, April 12, 2010

Change, But No Hope: Justice Stevens retires

Another lat post. I had wanted to post this Friday, but never got the chance.

All the hullaballoo about Stevens is likely to be much ado about nothing. The reason is, he's a liberal justice stepping down very likely to be replaced by the same. A effect of zero. A larger tragedy would be if Scalia, Alito or Thomas retired during an Obama presidency. That would be catastrophic.

So now we are faced with the prospect of having a Diane Wood, Elena Kagen, Merrick Garland or god forbid Janet Incompetano.

It's not the end of the world, just a continuation of the liberal seat held by Stevens, the same as when The Wise Latina was appointed. Basically the status quo.

So take heart my libertarian fellows, real change and hope is coming this November. It will be the rebirth of the classical liberal movement and herald better days ahead in spite of the fabian socialist cacasotto and mountebank in chief that currently resides in the White House. Better days are coming.

PS: Is Stevens being a Cubs Fan indicative of anything? Go Yankees!

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