Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Libertarian Politics Live: Waco Tea Party and Michigan GOP

Libertarian Politics Live Tonight

Our first guest will be Toby Marie Walker, president of the Waco Tea Party in Waco, Texas. We will have fun with Marie, talking trash about Michael Steele and his obsessive use of the race card.

Our second guest is Tom Casperson, co-chair of the Northern Michigan Gop, and resident of the 1st congressional District, Bart Stupak's home territory. Now that Stupak isn't running, it's a likely GOP pickup; we will be discussing the dynamics of the race.

Call in at 1 (646) 915-9887. Show starts at 8PM CST Tuesday, April 13.

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Richard D. said...

Is this the same Toby Walker? http://operationpitchfork.blogspot.com/2010/02/quick-insider-look-at-local-tea-party.html
You should follow this dudes blog man, he's hilarious and attacks everybody without giving a shit. This guy does not like Glenn Beck that much is for sure.

Richard D. said...

I'd like to know how libertarian Mrs. Walker is. Can you ask her if she is going to use her influence within the tea parties of Texas to support Steve Sussman a libertarian running for Dist. 22? If not, why?

Can you ask her why she supported a known Bilderberg, Rick Perry for Governor over Debra Medina and helped defeat the real tea party candidate when they preach against the status quo incumbents and elitists?

The Right Guy said...

Call in and ask her yourself.

The Right Guy said...

I think you need more details on what you believe is true. I can't be a proxy for you, but you are welcome to call in. Please do.

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