Thursday, April 08, 2010

What's So Surprising About Barack Hussen Chamberlain?

Back in June of 2009, I wrote that Neville Chamberlain Barack Hussein Obama or NCBHO, was on a world tour to curry favor with people that traditionally hated us. The Mountebank in Chief's efforts have been in patriadeprecation, patronization and naive arrogance in an effort to start his path to Secretary General of the UN or President of the World. Aside from defining our country as not being a judaio-christian nation and his apologizing for things he nor I nor anyone I know ever did, he currently has decided to lay all our necks on the line by telegraphing our intentions in situations of the gravest extremes.

This is not surprising, as he has done this all along, but to weaken our country militarily and tell our enemies how we would not respond is tantamount to treason. It's not enough he's an anti-semite, it's not enough that he is a progressive socialist that wants to revise history to suit progressive theory, it's not enough he eschews and tramples the idea and every example of American Exceptionalism, but now he literally says to our enemies, come and take us. Such naïve ignorance is unbelievable from someone with such a high level of education.

Up until now, Obama's play book seems to be do the opposite of whatever Bush did. Such thinking does not automatically make a policy a good one. What Obama is doing is sticking to his principles in spite of the fact that one, they are not proven correct on any level and two, without regard to the consequences. He's writing a check that our asses have to cover, while he heads to the bunker at Camp David.

Obama has tried to fool people into thinking he is the ruler of the free world, and as he promised the Czechs that we will have a nuclear free world, he is marching towards that with the latest treaty with Russia and his statements on what we will do in the even of biological and chemical attacks. It really is a nice sentiment and I wouldn't mind it in some utopian ideal, but in a practical sense, it won't happen and may be it shouldn't. For starters, the cat's out of the bag, and you can't put it back in. Even if everyone dismantled every nuclear bomb that exists, the knowledge of how to create one still does. Someone, somewhere will have one again, and no one else will. Secondly, if you think China and Russia (or anyone else) will just give it up, I think you have to re-examine things. They both are on the UN security council and both would veto any UN non-sense to this effect. Neither would agree now or in the future to disarmament. They are not our friends, and never will be, no matter how much Barry tries to be Neville Chamberlain.

So what's it all about, Alfie? Obama probably has messianic visions of what he'd like to do, but as a Chicago politician, he'd rather get by on perception than reality, as reality requires too much work and is impractical. What is reality anyway? According to Paul Shanklin, Obama is a magician. Now we wait for his next trick, which could be amnesty, Cap and Tax, VAT, or whatever other socialist agenda you can dream up, only it's not a dream and Obama is more than a Magician, but a pathological narcissist. It's the audacity of foolishness.

The end game here is Obama being The One for the whole world. I think he truly sees himself as the answer for all problems, salvation for the world. In the end, it's about him, and he doesn't care about the United States, you or I or anyone else. So where does this leave us? In the position of having to fight every step of the way until his regime is no more. The first step is the elections of 2010. It's imperative we take back both houses. The second step is 2012 when we will repudiate him. Still, the damage will have been done. Can we make it right again? Will we?

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