Saturday, April 03, 2010

The Tea Pot Calling the Kettle Black

Hoping God doesn't throw a lightning bolt...
From the department of ecumenical insanity, The most reverend Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury, said the Irish Church  has lost all its credibility. That's the teapot calling the kettle black if I have seen it.

I used to be a congregant of Rowan's Church until he jumped the sharp by affirming the appointment of a philandering alcoholic as a bishop in the US, saying that Sharia law is equivalent to british law and has a place in society, and he has bishops under him that are ok with late term abortions. He admitted as much  that islam will overtake any christian church in England. Talk about poor leadership and talking your own down.

So here we are, Rowan saying the Irish Church lost its credibility. Really? You lost yours a long time ago Rowan, and lets be honest: You are swinging brickbats at the catholic church as a whole. Many parishes in the US have already left the Anglican Church to go under another Episcopal authority, and The Pope has made it very easy for Anglicans to become catholics now, as a way to bring them back to the fold. Rowan is pissed his ship is sinking and is just striking out. Honestly Rowan, if you showed real leadership, may be you wouldn't be a laughing stock. May be I'd still be Anglican Catholic.

Here's Pat Condell with a little humor and political satire:

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Chuck said...

Gee. I suppose I should have expected him to steer into outright lies about the reach of Christendom sooner.

That's my problem with militant atheists. They live in their own little world. They find themselves forced to propagate lies to defend their maniacal faith. He feels he must do this in order to be "fair". To equate a few anomalies with the entire worldwide religion is pretty plastic.

I'm not a Roman Catholic, but these pieces of shit who attack the Roman Church don't do so out of any love for their fellow man.

Hatred of virtue is rampant.


The Right Guy said...

I actually want to comment on this, but I will do it tomorrow. To much crap right now. I agree with you 99.9%, but Pat has his points, unfortunately, it only tells part of the story, not the whole story, and not about the good people that make up any church. It's a priori.

The Right Guy said...

Hear goes chuck:

A lot of what Pat says about the church is true. I cannot deny the history of the inquisition, and other nefarious deeds. I will contest though, that Hitler was some sort of catholic. He may have been baptized as such, but he also had jewish ancestry. Does that make him jewish? By any example he gave, he was an atheist, or an occultist.

What Pat does not speak to are the many millions of catholics that have lived their lives faithful to god and christ, and never perpetrated any crime against anyone. Yes we need to demand better accountability to our church. I think the pope is going about this molestation thing completely wrong. He should emphatically say that one he condemns anyone that perpetrates those acts, and any priest or other clergy that perpetrates such acts will face just in the church in the way of excommunication and with the secular law as well. There should be a zero tolerance for it and it needs to be articulated in no uncertain terms. If he did that much, and followed up by matching his actions to his words, I think the church would restore credibility with a lot of folks. The intransigence to accept reality in this is mind boggling.

Still, painting the religion with one broad stroke is simplistic. That would be like me saying I hate all chinese people because their government is communist, or something simplistic as such. I expect a better argument from Pat, but he's jumping the shark. I guess Pat got tired of bashing the muslims.

Chuck said...

It occurs to me that being a pope and condemning are peas of different pods. That said, of course there has been a problem in the catholic church with homosexual pedophiles in the clergy. Personally, I chalk that up to the unnatural (and unbiblical) demand for a celibate priesthood. Still, the incidence of molestation is rare when seen in the broader context of just how many damn Catholics there are. I wonder how the Boy Scouts compare? I'm sure there are plenty of skeletons in that closet.

One thing is for sure, buggery of boys is an integral component of the Islamic tradition, and no one has a goddam word to say about it.

I say start with the worst and work your way down. Leftists prefer to attack the pillars of civilized society first.

Scum of the earth.

The Right Guy said...

I think priests should marry as well. That's one thing the anglicans got right. As far as islam goes, look at Yasser Arafat. He had quite the taste for young boys, yet he is lauded by the progressive left as the hero of palestine. I wonder what Leon Klinghoffer thinks.

As far as the not marrying part too, it attracts the pillow biters. Where else would you get a nearly unlimited supply of single men? I think it is unbalanced.

Chuck said...

I don't know that it "attracts" as much as it just sort of fits. If you are a man of marrying age and are able to swear off carnal knowledge of a woman for the rest of your life, you are either one fanatic follower of Christ or you are the kind who isn't particularly attracted to women. On the other hand, I sort of find it hard to believe that a devoted pedophile would go to the trouble of seminary to get a crack at altar boys. Surely there are easier routes to the golden flower of boy butt.

I think it's a situational dealio. After all, a whole lot of this "abuse" was between priests and teenage boys. Teenage boys are into fucking like birds are into flying. I was a teenage boy a while back and I had consent written all over me if the subject was sex. Never with a dude, though.

I mean, if I'm fifteen years old and my pastor turns on some Marvin Gay and suggests we get it on, I'm beating some ass...unless I'm into that sorta thing. Then I guess it's "abuse".

Anonymous said...

Rowan is praying that God will perform a miracle and provide him with a set of balls.

The Right Guy said...

None were forthcoming.

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