Thursday, June 10, 2010

Andre Traversa Presents Libertarian Politics Live: Guests Mike McKenna, Solomon Yue and Linda Zweig

Our first guest will be Republican  strategist Mike McKenna, with MWR Strategies, who will be discussing the latest primary results; particularly how the Internet is aiding challengers to incumbents. Appearing with Mike will be Solomon Yue, a RNC member and co-founder of the Conservative Caucus inside the RNC.

Second Guest will be Linda Zweig, spokesperson for the San Diego County Fair, who will be  discussing all the decadent fried food they are serving, like chocolate-covered bacon and fried butter. We would love to get callers on this one so they can talk about their gastronomic experiences at state and county fairs.

Host Andre Traversa, Co-host Jim Lagnese. Call in at 646-915.9887. Stream here.

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Chuck said...

Good times.
I'm in awe of guys like Mike and Andre who can roll the way they do so eloquently on the subject of politics. I can do it on what I do for a living, but you can bet your ass no one would call in to listen to it.

I was impressed with Solomon's command of the subject. He seemed to have a tenuous grasp on English, yet still managed to convey his message effectively. (to me, anyway)

The Right Guy said...

And I am Bud Abbot to Andre's Lou Castello.

The Right Guy said...

Actually is Costello.

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