Thursday, June 17, 2010

Obama's Lost That Old Black Magic

I have often called Obama the Magician, as well as other things line Mountebank, charlatan, fabian socialist, marxist, and supplicant in chief. This is mild compared to some bloggers.

Obama has a talent that we haven't seen since Clinton and had been mastered by FDR. That is to be able to speak to many different and disparate constituencies,  telling them the fairy tale they want to hear best, but his greatest talent is that of misdirection. While he palavers to the hoi palloi with one hand, he doesn't want he really wants with the other. He's done this with great success and it has gotten him where he is. It's never been about results, but about the perception of what he can do or better, will do.

It turns out he is not a many of action or results, but rather a pensive man trapped by process and decision making thereby freezing him into inaction. That is a charitable description. Part of the M.O. here is someone that gets the date, but can't deliver. In the position as PotUS, results matter and he's been in office long enough that he can't blame Bush anymore. He owns it. I imagine, on some level, he is at a loss. He's never been an executive with bottom line experience and hasn't carried something so critical as running a country or anything from conception through completion. I suspect the stakes have been too high for personal indemnity. It's kind of like the guy that goes around getting all sorts of women pregnant and while being able to father children, he doesn't know or want to be a dad.

So here we are, a year and a half into his term, and he has fallen into his Waterloo, his Little Big Horn. He can't run from the BP fiasco, and his only response is to point the finger, talk to experts, and tell the american people we need to change our energy policy and raise taxes. Is it incompetence, rectal-cranial inversion, or willful neglect? For a man who is gifted in rectal parlance, I have to wonder. He's lost that old black magic, the master of misdirection, the mountebank in chief. People are starting to see the big picture, the whole man behind the curtain. Impatience is building. While he can't suck the oil up with a straw, and he can't dive to the leak and cap it himself, he can do a lot more, and has waited almost 2 months to address it on TV. This is incredulous. I hate to say it, but he's worse than Jimmy Carter. W is Reagan by comparison.

My hope is that the American people have awoken from the spell of a cult leader and realize they have ben had. Even the State Run Media is having a hard time covering Dear Leader's and the Regime's ass.

My other hope is that the opposition parties don't screw this up. It's more than just an opportunity. It's a new beginning. It's up to us not to screw this up.

Will Obama get his magic back in time? What do you think?

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Sheryl Parsons said...

From the first time I heard Obama speak I knew we were in trouble. I have never understood the comments made about how good looking he is, what a good speaker he is and so on. Really? I knew right away that the media was telling the masses what to think and they bought it hook, line, and sinker. Sheep, they're all sheep waiting to be herded into a fantasy that will never materialize.

Chuck said...

Sorta like when the universal line about JFK when he ran was how good looking he was. Good looking? Those Kennedys were some of the goofiest looking sumbitches to ever walk the earth.

The Right Guy said...

The Kennedy's have the Rose Kennedy mental case stare. It's pervasive in many of them and as you say, it's goofy. You can read one of my first posts here about Obama RE JFK:

Also, as far as Obama being a beefcake:

Notice the moron known as Ben.

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