Saturday, June 05, 2010

Pat Condell's message to Americans: Wake the bloody-hell up before it's too late

This is posted at Libertarian Republican and as a courtesy, I am posting it here. Pat Condell has been posted on my site many times. I'd love to get him on Libertarian Politics Live. Are you listening Eric and Andre? Anyway, The guy is a one man anti-jihad brigade and his opinion is always welcome here.

Thank you for reading this blog.


Christopher said...

It is also being posted everywhere Thank God.

I posted it the other day;

Keep up the good fight!

The Right Guy said...

I like his sarcasm and abiity to educate as well. I wonder if the Farm Animals® in NYC know about Cordoba?

Anonymous said...

Pat Condell is a modern-day Jeremiah. I know, he's an atheist, but he's still a prophet doing all he can to steer us off the path of destruction.

The Right Guy said...

We'd have to listen first.

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