Monday, June 07, 2010

The Right Guy Endorses Bob Vander Plaats

This should come as no surprise. My excoriation of Sarah Palin because of her obedient endorsement of Terry Branstad set the stage for this. Palin, who was once described as a maverick and a crusader, has shown herself to be a gangster. Some might say it is to get a seat at the table, but I would say she's been that way for at least 1 years 9 months. She's gotten a taste, and fell in line.

This isn't about Palin though, it's about who is the best choice for Iowa as governor among the available candidates. He's does very well among social conservatives, and while I am not one in the sense that I am using the term, I find that for the most part, Vander Plaats fits the bill. He'd like to make government smaller, he wants to lower taxes, and he wants the branches of government to do their respective duties. By this I mean that the judicial branch does not pass law. Last year, the Iowa Supreme Court struck down a defence of marriage act in Iowa and Chet Culver, our current governor allowed the decision to act as law, not a decision that sends the issue back to the legislature where laws are made. Let me be clear here: I am not making an argument for or against gay marriage, but rather that the process that is happened was severely flawed. These judges are not elected officials and there is no recourse for any decision they make  that is interpreted as law. It's by fiat. This is egregious no matter what side of the issues you are on. The issue needs to be settled by the people, IE the legislature, one way or another.  This didn't happen.

The reason this didn't happen is because Terry Branstad appointed left wing progressive, and I do not use the term liberal, judges to the Iowa Supreme court. He is largely responsible for this. I will also add that Branstad is a narcissist. The guy is making multiples of what he would make as governor, he's already served 4 terms as a tax and spend RINO governor, and somehow he believes he is the only one the can save Iowa from itself. How nice of him to show up, the self-important self-loving narcissist. At this point, he should give someone else a shot, and both Roberts and Vander Plaats can beat Culver in the general election. Chet is that damaged. It's pure ego on Branstad's part and I am here to tell you that if  Terry wins, I will not vot for him. I will write in/vote for Jonathan Narcisse or Bob Vander Plaats, but I will not vote for Terry Branstad in the general election. His Hubris has pissed me off that much and idiots like Charlie Gruschow, who think we should all fall in line like dutiful farm animals, needs to go to hell. I won't, and he, Branstad and the rest of the mushy RINOs in this state can go to hell as well. There, I feel much better now.

So tomorrow, I will cast my vote for Bob, and you should too.

Thank you for reading this blog.

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