Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Daily Manure Pyle

From today's manure pyle we have such stinking news as Al Gore the crazed sex poodle, MaoBaMao eating burgers with Medvedev, and Sir Paul McCartney MBE, equating global warming deniers with holocaust deniers. So basically, it was just another day. There was some good news amongst the crap: 48% of Americans see government as a threat to individual rights, Australia gets it's first female PM, and of course, what we have all been waiting for, the Taliban endorses General Patraeus. Eric Dondero must be beside himself that he missed that one.

Of course the good news doesn't stop there. Jack Abramoff is now delivering kosher pizza's, talk about falling down, and we find out Rahminator and CapObama were deeply involved in the Blago fiasco. Can a Watergate type of menagerie be far from sight? With the Welshmistriss replacing Rudd, anything is possible. Keep hope alive.

And from the bottom of the cesspool, see BP is has sushi chef training, a school locks down after kinder moms brawl, and an elementary school from the land of Der Schwimmer is reconsidering giving elementary school students condoms. I guess since ted is dead, the threat is gone.

So there you have it, the pyle from the pile. Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose.

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Teresa said...

There might be a second Watergate. Bribery and scandal seems to be running rampant amongst this administration. The question is, will their be someone to fall on their sword to protect Obama or not?

The Right Guy said...

With politicians, there are always lackeys waiting to fall on their swords. Even in the workplace. It's a trait that moves groupies up the food chain. It'll be an unending show of people falling on their swords. Get the popcorn out.

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