Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Update On Israeli intervention on "Peace Flotilla"


As an aside, I heard on the Imus in the morning radio that Navy Seals were involved on this mission. It gets more interesting. Res Ipsa Loquitur applies again.

So much for a peace mission:

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Anonymous said...

But they were "peaceful" weapons, just like Islam is a "peaceful" religion!

The Jew hating libtards in the press fail to mention that Israel will allow any aid ship to dock at an Israeli port. Only caveat is that they must inspect the cargo before passing it on to the Islamic State of Chaos known as Palestine.

This was classic passive-aggressive global agitprop performed by Euro-dhimmis at the behest of their Muslim overlords.

The Right Guy said...

It's worse than that. It's leftards bending over backwrds breaking their backs to kiss their own ass. Yassir Arafat could have been caught in boy buggery and they would have said "how nice it is that he helps children." These people are nuts.

Anonymous said...

Far more potent, unconfusing and unbiased video is of the ship's passengers incriminating themselves, after their release by Israel, speaking in their own native language (presumably Arabic) to Al Jazeera. The video is simply the TV program they were on, as monitored by MEMRI--and their description of what occurred aboard the ship supports the Israeli side, and not that of the very side the passengers were on. They just felt safe, speaking in Arabic to their own folks [with subtitles]:

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