Saturday, June 12, 2010

Are We That Freaking Surprised?

Are that Freaking surprised? As the Fabian socialist constituencies (read that eco-terrorists and other far left leaning misanthropes) that propelled Obama to the white house are giving him a pass on the oil spill, the general public is growing ever frustrated with his incompetent and ersatz performance as president.

Here is a guy that never has had profit/loss responsibilities of running a business, and has not had any executive experience at all. The average manager of McDonalds has more executive experience than he had before being elected president of the United States. It's been on the job training since January 20th, 2009.

On top of this, his career has largely been a vehicle to create a mythical narrative for his ascendancy to where he is now. He's never taken any chances, and it's always been about him. Now that he's in a position where he can't pass the buck, where he can't blame anyone else, where he can't control the press or all the political operatives involved, we find out not only is the king naked, but he has a small pee pee and doesn't know what to do with it. he does ask a lot of advice from very respected people though.

We are almost 2 months into this oil well spewing millions of gallons of light crude into the gulf, and now we have the coast guard giving an ultimatum to BP: You better stop that leak. It's incredulous. For all the abuse George Bush took for Katrina and being labelled an idiot, he never earned it. Truth be told, Governor Landrieu told Bush she had to think about it for 24 hrs as to whether to accept his help or not, but he was down there in days, not months. And yet, we have the state run media playing along as best it can with rear facing excretory orifices like Matt Lauer asking when is he going to kick ass. Matt Lauer couldn't find his membrum virile with a map, GPS, Katie Couric pointing at it and Willard Scott giving directions. Obama is worse. I don't think anyone could make up a story as ludicrous as the scenario that has unravelled in the last 2 months, let alone the last two years.

So, in an ode to Stymie, that charming con man-boy from the little rascals, I hear by award Obama with the Stymie Mountebank Straw Man Magician Award for Total Incompetence for 2010. He conned most of us into electing him, and he'll try to con us into forgetting how bad he really is. The problem for him is, he can't run or hide from the truth now, and even with a if not obeisant press, a sympathetic one. The problem is, who is the Reagan of 2012? To be honest, that person hasn't shown up yet. What do you think? Are you surprised by his incompetence? If you think I am indulging in some schadenfreude, you are right. It's just that I love saying I told you so.

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