Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day Dad

It's been two and half years since dad passed. While today my kids celebrate me on father's day, I give kudos to my dad. Quiet, unassuming, diligent, and unlike his son, never cursed, at least in english. Dad was part of the greatest generation born in the mid 1920's the 6th child of Italian immigrants from Vitulazio Italy. He served in the Army Air Corps during WWII as a tail gunner on a B-17, 8th Air Force, 305th BG, 364 BG, Chelveston England, 35 missions. Dad worked as a greenskeeper for 39 years, married for 37 years and had two sons and two step-daughters that he treated as his own. He was a life long republican.

On this day I would like to say thanks dad for being there and being my father. I wish you were here dad, as I still have a few questions...

Thank you for reading this blog.

In the back yard in North Bellmore with my brother and I ca. 1963


Anonymous said...

Two and a half years... man, it seems like yesterday when you first announced the passing of your father. My dad turned eighty-seven last March. As you might remember, my father was a marine scout-sniper in the pacific theater during WW2. Unlike your father, mine was a life long Democrat, but I was recently informed that he registered as a Republican for the first time. I never got that! Here is a guy who sounds more like Ayn Rand in his personal world view, yet thought FDR was the cat's ass for our nation. Just one of those great mysteries I have been faced with.

I'm happy to see you pay respect to your father, for the regular readers of your blog. :)

The Right Guy said...

Thanks Will. That's me he's holding in the lower picture. I am glad your dad is still around. It's nice when you can talk to the old folks.

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