Wednesday, June 09, 2010

It's a New Day

It's a new day after the GOP primary in Iowa. At least it is for The Right Guy. I have to say I am disgusted with political parties, particularly in this state, where they like the same old, same old, Same old. Out of 2,000,000 registered voters, only 150,000 republicans decided who would be the nominee for Governor. If you take 20% off the top as being independent, that leaves 1,600,000. It is said that the dems outnumber the republicans by 100,000 in this state. Ok, so that would be 850,000 democrats, and 750,000 republicans. That means only 20% of registered republicans decided who the next governor will be. Chet Culver, the democrat incumbent is so damaged that I could beat him, and I am the most publicly inarticulate, foot in the mouth blunt, hurt everyone's feelings type of guy. If I am not rallying against the doughnut tax or cursing some bicyclist in two different languages, I am probably telling the locals how stupid they are for having their hand out for taking farm subsidies, better known as corn welfare. That's how damaged Chet "Jethro Bodine" Culver is.

But, it's a new day for The Right Guy. No more party line crap, no more right versus left. Just liberty versus slavery, free will versus indentured servitude, freedom versus being a Farm Animal®. I won't be hemming, hawing and gawking over post modern mama grizzlies, and I am not Rush Limbaugh swearing off carrying water for the GOP, as he never has. Today I am of No Party affiliation, and it's liberating. It really is. And lets be clear here: The Tea Party is not a party. It's an organization of pissed off people that are being co-opted by the GOP to swing the pendulum the other way. They are aimless in their approach, and it will not have legs, just like Obama won't. It's back and forth, two steps forward, two steps back. Sometimes 2 and half steps back, rather than moving in one direction. The net effect is that in the last 70-78 years, we have become progressive more socialist. Nothing really changes for the better, we continue to trade our free will for government largesse. Prove me wrong if you will, but in that continuum, you know I am right. All we do is keep the farmers fed. After today, everyone gets a turn at the paddle.

Thank you for reading this blog.


Anonymous said...

New Hampshire bound, Jim? You are starting to sound like a member of the Free State Project. You're also my favorite blogger for the month of June. Good job, dude! Does this mean you are starting to question Robert Nozick's premise on "small" government? Not being a smart ass here,just askin'.

The Right Guy said...

Actually, while I did apply for a job there with Timberline, I don't think we will be moving their. I've looked at Colorado and Arizona. My wife is the one that leads with that as she can work in about 10-12 locations in the country and has been applying for higher positions where she works. We'll see.

Free state? I have just had it with establishment BS, even when it is dressed in palaver that is supposed to appeal to me.

I like Nozick. He's one of the best.

Christopher said...

I agree with 'ya Jim. In the Peoples Republic of Michigan here and looking to get the hell out now that my daughter graduated.

The Right Guy said...

If they sawed off Detroit and let it sink into Lake St. Clair, would that help?

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