Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Arizona Congressional Candidate Pamela Gorman Gets 100% Endorsement From NRA

This is from Chris at Conservative Perspective. This woman is amazing and would have my vote in a heartbeat. Those that read The Right Guy Show know I am the only person that would get more than 100% from the NRA if I were running for anything, but 100% is awesome. All I have to say is, Pamela, where have you been all my life, and are you married? :) Good luck in your race and I hope you win.

This is a fun video put together by some volunteers. If you want information about me or my candidacy for U.S. Congress in Arizona's 3rd district, you can find it at my website. 

As much fun as this video is, you should know that I am very serious about the future of America. I do hope you will take a closer look at my work record in public policy and my conservative positions on key issues.

If not, I hope you at least enjoyed the video these fine folks put together and will share it with others!
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Christopher said...

Thanks for the link, I pray she wins!

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