Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Iowa Governor Results

From the New York Times:

Iowa Governor Results87% reporting

Terry Branstad97,58350%
Bob Vander Plaats78,66340%
Rod Roberts17,6349%

Looks like I will have to stick a fork in Vander Plaats. It's a shame as Branstad is a RINO and full of himself as a 4 term governor thinking he can save the world. Go to Disney Terry. Anyway, I will not vote for Branstad come the fall and I officially here say I am changing my party registration. I am tired of being in a group where it is expected I "fall in line".  Branstad won because he isn't rocking the boat. People in Iowa are afraid of change, and most are pragmatics that I call mush in the middle. It happens when you have your hand out for subsidies. Anyway, here we go. It'll either be NP (No Party) or Libertarian. Libertarian is not an official party in Iowa, just a non-party political organization, whatever that is. They mustn't have the support to be an official party with a primary. To be honest, this move by me has been in the works since McCain. I am tired of the lesser of two evils and I do not owe any party anything. They seem to have gotten in backwards in thinking voters owe them some sort of loyalty like a brand or sports team. In my eyes, they haven't earned it. Automatically expecting it is the height of arrogance. It reminds me of the aholes at Lithia VW of Des Moines: They wouldn't try to get me a car with a manual transmission as they don't order cars with them and expect me to buy what they have. The result is I'll spend my money elsewhere and it's their loss. That attitude is typical in Iowa. In NY, if they want the sale, they'll make it happen.

As far as the Tea Party goes, they are just a group of pissed off constituents that are being co-opted by the GOP. Palin's endorsement put the cap on that and showed she is a gangster and no longer a crusader. So much for being a maverick. While she's learning to play that game, she's lost her authenticity and can't be trusted any more than any other snake oil salesmen. The bloom is off the rose as they say. I will predict that while the GOP will may make gains in 2010, the Tea Party phenomenon will not have the legs some think it will and it will not extend beyond the GOP (unless of course things go much worse, thereby growing the pissed off constituency). It's a subset. Back to the same old pendulum politics.

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Chuck said...

I've never seen any reason to be a member of a political party unless you had political aspirations.(including activism) The republican party apparently thinks I'm a member if I'm to judge from the amount of shit I get in the mail from them calling me a "member" of this or that activist group.

The Right Guy said...

You are right chuck. Parties are a disappointment...I find your situation funny. I am registered GOP and I don't get anything from them. Probably when I reregister I will.

The Right Guy said...

No, I don't have political aspirations. One, I am not a narcissist, two, I don't have the social graces and ability to talk out of every orifice simultaneously in different dialects and languages, Three, I am not a team type of guy. I am the I in team, or as the Japanese say, the tallest nail gets hit the hardest.

Chuck said...

I've never been disappointed by parties. I suppose that's because I've never really invested myself in one.

It's too much like sports. Arbitrary alliances are demeaning.

Politicians in this country are simply the result of societal mores. They are a symptom.

The left understands where the fight truly is. Thing is, we have the truth on our side, but we aren't using it to our advantage. We choose too often to defensively respond to their lies instead of charging forward with the truth.

Anonymous said...

I'm registered as Libertarian, if for no other reason than shits and giggles. But in the time I have been registered, nary one letter from LP Oregon has reached my mail box. Once in a blue moon I receive something from the GOP, but mainly, my political oriented mail is from Democrat representati9ve, Peter DeFazio. Of course I do get bombarded from the NRA when yearly dues are near. Should probably just pay for a lifetime membership to avoid so much paper mail.

The Right Guy said...

Chuck, as usual, I appreciate and agree with your comments. Yes it's like sports, but more importantly, it's about getting behind an alleged winner, as people live vicariously though sports and candidates etc. When they pick what we have, yes it is a symptom. As Uncle Jay says, they tell us the fairy tale we want to here.

The LP isn't a real party in this state, so registering as such is just a statement of defiance, but means nothing. I will be "None of the above". Long live Brewster.

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