Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Same Old Sunday Schweinerei

After a while, what else is there to talk about about? We all know what a fuck up Obama is, How screwed up the gulf oil spill is, how great Palin is, what a disappointment Palin is, how Tiger is going down the tubes, the continuing trend of losing privacy, the illegal immigration problems in this country, Islam, and it goes on and on, the same shit day after day.

You have to admit, my fellow bloggers, that we really just keep the shit merry go round turning. Nothing new here, just rehashing the same stories day after day with some interesting insight from time to time.

I know we mean well and and want things to change to fit our world view, but to be honest, where are we really going? Are we making a difference? We all can't be Sean Hannitys, Rush Limbaughs or Glenn Becks and it's not about talent either. The market is full of people like us, but I digress. I am sitting here on a Sunday afternoon, on father's day no less, with nary an idea of what to write about. It seems it has all been said dozens of times over to the point that everything starts to sound like talking points, whether or not it started out that way.

So here's my suggestion to all my peeps in the blogospheria: Talk a day or two off, have an adult beverage or two, talk to your wife and/or kids if so equipped, if not, call on a friend or family and if you are really hard up, call me. Whatever the case, take a break and lets see how long the shit merry go round lasts without us. My guess it's the journo-political version of the perpetual motion machine. It just keeps on keeping on, no matter what happens. If you are in my neck of the woods, you are welcome to stop by and I'll pour you a few fingers of some 18 year old scotch and we can bullshit about something more interesting like the meaning of life or how many angels can dance on the head of a pin. At the very least we will get a lot more accomplished.

Thank you for reading this blog.


Chris W said...

I have to agree, I took a week off from blogging while on vacation and felt so much better.

The Right Guy said...

A week? I am impressed. THat is a long time or so it seems. I am off on vacation saturday. We'll see.

Anonymous said...

"It seems it has all been said dozens of times over to the point that everything starts to sound like talking points, whether or not it started out that way."

That is about 90% of the reason I don't have a blog. I can write just as well as most bloggers, and can easily find information. But it is information everyone else has access to. After a while, it seems redundant, and I need a break from reading blogs on my daily list. Besides, I have so many other interests in life. Even though I am often afraid at what may happen to our country, politics has never been my main interest. Maybe Rothbard has the right ideas.

The Right Guy said...

Of what little I have read of Rothbard, he and i would agree on a lot of things. Hayek too. I jsut get pooped from this stuff. I need a break and I need to write more commentary than republishing of nonsense. It is what it is.

The Right Guy said...

I will also add that any time you want to write something, you can publish it here and/or LR. The podium is always open for you.

Anonymous said...

"The podium is always open for you."

Thank you very much, Jim. I greatly appreciate your invitation. :)

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