Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Obama Regime Bills Wounded Soldier for Lost Equipment

The Cheapskate and Thief-in-Cheif has now allowed the government to stoop to a new low: They are docking soldiers for lost equipment in a war zone, specifically equipment lost when soldiers are wounded.

An injured soldier who spent a year recovering at Joint Base Lewis-McChord said the military gave him a Purple Heart - and a bill for $3,000...Former Oregon National Guard soldier Gary Pfleider told the news station that the base billed him for equipment he allegedly lost. In 2007, Pfleider was shot by a sniper in Iraq.

What I am surprised at is that Obama hasn't had him arrested for stealing. This is truly an insult to all service personnel and the American people. IS this how we treat our citizens that serve for us?

Pfleider received a Purple Heart three days after he was shot. Two years later, he got a bill from the military for missing equipment, including clothing and grenades. Pfleider contends he lost the gear when he left Iraq and shouldn't be responsible for it now, but the federal government is taking money from his disability check each month.

If we can pay the medical bills for illegal aliens, why can't we pay for their equipment when they are wounded or killed? It's not like he deliberately destroyed or lost his stuff. This smacks of parsimonious penny pinching bean counting meanness. Like most problems faced by the Obama Regime, this one is ignored. They are off talking to professors and ersatz experts when action is demanded and needed. The etherial and cerebral president is better suited to a game of trivial pursuit than actually solving anything. If you don't believe me, look at the BP oil spill? He lack of engagement and response with North Korea torpedoing a South Korean Naval vessel. He purely pusillanimous and obsequious posture amount third world despots and second rate monarchs and political know nothings. Whatever demands action or common sense, he does the opposite.

I know I will get emails and comments saying, it's the Oregon National Guard for god's sake and has nothing to do with Obama. Well, he's the "Command In Chief", and the buck stops somewhere, and it is with him. This is the symptom of the Wesley Mouch disease that has infected our country on January 21, 2009. What's the cure? What's the treatment? I hope it isn't palliative.

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Sue said...

you really need to do a better job with your accusations right guy. Check your link again for the update. You are not being truthful with your Obama slamming, AGAIN....

Anonymous said...

This stunt is unprecedented, but then, so is most of the daily crap we see coming from this administration. I would like to see this story on more blogs; especially blogs frequented by veterans. As a Viet Nam era veteran, "offended" is too weak of word to describe my thoughts on how this president's policies exceeds 1950's B grade science fiction movies, and bad sitcoms which never make it to December.

Regarding BP's oil spill: This is nothing more than a smokescreen to divert attention from Israel, "healthcare" repeal, and how he is going to try to come up with votes for cap "n' tax bill. Obama's effete elites would not have the foggiest idea how to turn off a valve on a land rig, much less top gushing oil from the proximity of Davey Jones locker. What a waste! This deacon of "hope and change" told us the government is now in charge of taming the wild and evil oil, yet he seems to have missed a class or two on hydraulic engineering at his Ivy League symposium of duncery.

To close my comment, I would like to quote Eric Hoffer from his 1951 book, "The True Believer." If the Communists win Europe, and a large part of the world, it will not be because they know how to stir up discontent, or how to infect people with hatred, but because they know how to preach hope." I'd dare say Alinsky's "Rules For Radicals" is not the only book Obama has read.

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