Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Feckless Commander-in-Chief Appeals to a Higher Authority

In a day of indecision, Obama supplicates, in his mind, a higher authority. Obama has decided to accept international assistance for the gulf oil spill. this collective wisdom is not by mistake, although it is  one, and it is part of his agenda in marginalizing the standing of the United States with the rest of the world.

According to the article:
The United States is accepting help from 12 countries and international organizations in dealing with the massive oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. 
The State Department said in a statement Tuesday that the U.S. is working out the particulars of the help that's been accepted.

The identities of all 12 countries and international organizations were not immediately announced. One country was cited in the State Department statement -- Japan, which is providing two high-speed skimmers and fire containment boom.

More than 30 countries and international organizations have offered to help with the spill. The State Department hasn't indicated why some offers have been accepted and others have not.
In the same day, Venezuela says it will nationalize 11 US owned oil rigs, in a property grab by Chavez. One should wonder where the smell of sulphur is really coming from.

And in an act of hubris and desperation, house dems voted down a trip to visit the oil ravaged gulf. Covering for dear leader and his regime you think?

What keeps coming up, again and again is the utter incompetence of Obama mixed with an agenda that is more than wrong with a democrat majority in congress. In may come out some day that Obama wasn't incompetent at all: Obama purposely let the oil spill go on (we are almost 2 and half months in now) because he wants to push a radical energy agenda in cap and tax as well as force car manufacturers into electric cars before their time, which he is doing now anyway. While it is a good idea to get away from foreign  oil, we certainly have enough of our own reserves to supply us fully for the next 50 years. This is more than enough time to transition to something else. With Dear Leader, his timeline is 5-10 years. Much to quick and he is much too willing to put pain on his own people (business and citizens) to suit his agenda.

No one is asking these questions because they are afraid of what the answer might be, which is that Obama is willingly incompetent. I'd settle for plain old stupid, which is more than likely what Occam's Razor will reveal, but with people like Rahm Emmanuel in the White House, anything is possible. Obama just may end up being not only worse than Carter, but as dirty as Nixon. Truly our worst president no matter how you cut it.

One question to all the idiots that voted for him: Was it worth it?

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LL said...

If Chavez nationalizes US owned oil rigs, we should raid them, kill everyone around them and render them permanently inoperable.

Tit for tat.

But barack hussein obama has this touchy feely thing with Chavez, so I doubt anything will happen.

The Right Guy said...

I guess barry likes the smell of sulphur coming from his ass and guess what, Chavez is doing it.

As far as inoperable, sure, but will anyone have the balls to do it?

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