Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Bailout: Extortion

It becomes apparent rather quickly that the bailout was extortion and a con job by the banks with the politicians as willing marks and the citizens as unwilling ones. The market dumped and lost 40% in a child like temper-tantrum, not satisfied with getting the bailout passed, they weren't happy until Bush got the checkbook out. Now we see the NYSE market soar over 900 points in a day, and other markets follow suit. It's all smoke and mirrors. These mountebanks that run wall street and the banks have conned us out of our money. If things were so dire, I do not think the market would be so volatile. What we are seeing is a manipulation based on fear and the desire of these charlatans to get what they want. At some point someone has to be the adult and administer discipline. Unfortunately, with Obama, we will have a co-dependent president check writer that will promulgate this sort of behavior for years to come. Get ready for the government teat. 

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