Monday, October 13, 2008

Ellsworth Toohey is Laughing With The Devil

Paul Krugman, the ersatz economist working as a pseudo-journalist with the New York Times, has won the Nobel Prize for Economics. I cannot feel too bad as these are the same people that gave Al Gore, Jimmy Carter and Yasir Arafat prizes as well, so their discretion is judged with distain and disbelief. According to John Lott, a free market economist, the "Swedes trying to interfere in the US election". I just see it as another example of the socialist left rewarding their own, and trying to promulgate feckless ideas whose time has past. Note to Krugman: Marx, Lenin, Stalin, and Keynes are all dead, as dead as your ideas.

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H├ęctor said...

I'm not sure, but I think that Nobel Prizes are awarded by asking a series of experts in the field to nominate someone. Anyway, most of the recent Nobels in Economics have been awarded to keynesians or at least, not-completely-neo-classical. Anyway, it's not the same people who give the prize for peace than for economics or physics...
The argument about Marx, Lenin, Stalin and Keynes being dead, so their ideas are dead too is a risky one. After all, Smith, Ricardo, Malthus, Robins and Friedman are, also, dead.

Jim Lagnese said...

I know it's not the same people, but the selection process is by and large by people that share the same political views, and it some cases, it would seem that their choices are political rather than rational. As for ideas being dead, I did not say that all ideas are dead if their originator's are, just in regards to Krugman's. It was an attempt at sarcasm and sardonicism.

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