Saturday, October 25, 2008

Could it happen here? British Comedian Pat Condell is livid

Welcome to Saudi Britain

Stop sharia law in Britain

Pat Condell is British comedian that has taken to the internet to protest religion in general, and islam in particular. Europe has been going through social change in the last 10 years such that many islamic immigrants are demanding what would seem to be a separate society within the one that exists in the country they immigrated to and to the extent that they want a separate legal system. This is problematic at best, as which law takes precedence and with whom? You cannot have equal justice under law with two disparate legal systems. Can this happen here? Requests for sharia law have been made in Michigan and Minnesota. I think we need to be vigilant to maintain our current legal system. Not allowing sharia law does not infringe on religious freedoms, and allowing two separate legal systems would infringe on personal rights. What do you think? I welcome any comments. 

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