Wednesday, October 01, 2008

IotW Update

Added to the list for Idiot of the Week is Barack Hussein Obama for his comment that people were tricked into buying homes. This is the same Barack H. Obama that represented people in a class action lawsuit against Citibank for redlining, which of course led to the CRA, but I digress. How do you trick people into buying a house, particularly if standard banking practices were applied, shouldn't qualify for it? The truth is, they thought they were getting over in getting a mortgage, and knew damn well that the CRA was doing it's magic. O'Stymie is either a hypocrite or an Idiot, and this week he is nominated as an Idiot. Lucky for him, the week is still young. 

Update: Added to the list is John McCain and Co. for not realizing that Ifil is coming out with a pro O'Stymie book in January vis a vis Ifil being a moderator in the VP debate. 

IotW list:
David T. Meyers
Barack Hussein Obama
John McCain & Co.

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