Wednesday, October 08, 2008

How Stupid is this Election? Uncle Jay explains it all

Is the election getting you down? Tired of he said, she said? Uncle Jay explains why our government sucks. 

Thank you for reading this blog. 


Anonymous said...


What a jewel Uncle Jay is! As we wind down to our last semblance of liberty in the next few weeks, it is such a refreshing pleasure to see folks like the good Uncle, tickle our little humor spots.

See ya in the concentration, er, I mean re-education camps, my friend. With any luck, Uncle Jay will be with us, whispering under his breath "suck yer mama", as we "proudly" make the sign of the "O", while actually saying, Sieg heil, Obama!


Jim Lagnese said...

It's funny you should mention re-education camp. Sometimes I joke that I work in one, but today I was talking with a co-worker who came here from Vietnam. He had to go to re-education camp and he was a math teacher. Too much to go into here, but he escaped after one month and went to Malaysia and then here. People have no idea what it can be like. Thanks for visiting Will.

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