Tuesday, October 07, 2008

The Debate II

These are just ramblings I wrote down during the debate. In short, McCain seems doddering and off pace. Obama in on his mark, but lies like a rug. Obama seems to think he can cut taxes and increase entitlement programs and cut government spending. Pure fantasy coming from  democrat with a democrat congress. He also lied about democrats wanting to reform Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and tried to paint McCain as a caterer to Fannie and Freddie special interests. This is from the guy who took the most PAC money from those lenders. 

McCain is warming up, but he really isn't hammering at Obama to the extent he is getting it. I will say as much as Obama sounds slick and polished, McCain seems more earnest and talking to people as opposed to making a speech. 

Obama is trying to paint McCain with the presidency of Bush Re: go shopping after 9/11. True for Bush, but lame to toss on McCain. 

Obama, hmm uhhh, hmm earmarks... How do you share a burden? Somehow it's unfair that some people do better than others. People that are doing better should be punished or as Obama says, make sacrifices. Go John... Obama wants to raise taxes. No shit. He's finally on a roll. 

Obama wants more time to counter. Tough shit O'Stymie. the truth hurts. Brokaw stood his ground. Uh hmm huh CEO's..... Obama is pie in the sky. He's going to make government efficient. Really? How is that possible...

McCain wants a another blue ribbon commission? WTF?  Pure Reagan afterwards. 

Green issues? I would say man made global warming doesn't exist. Palin did, but McCain isn't. Where is the disconnect? We do agree on nuclear power. What is McCain writing down all the time? 

There is a moral imperative to have someone pay your medical bills? Obama is out of his mind. The problem with healthcare insurance is that it allow both doctors/hospitals and patients to abuse it, and overuse it, which pushes costs up. If healthcare had to be paid out of pocket, the cost of procedures would come down. doctors and hospitals can only charge what the market will bear. The subsidy of insurance inflates what the market will bear. 

Obama say healthcare is a right? FBS. I am sorry about your mom Obama, but insurance was the problem. You have a right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, which meant property. Not healthcare insurance. 

Obama Doctrine When he's president...I guess if you it often enough, it will come true... He wants to go to Africa. Ok. More advisors. 

McCain Doctrine Tries to paint Obama as against the increase in troop levels. OK. Answer the question. Steady hand on the tiller...I expected more. 

Pakistan... Obama blames Iraq. Why couldn't we do both. Ok. Make it another VietNam. Cool. NOT. 

McCain is in his element. He comes across much more confident than Obama in foreign policy, so far as Pakistan. 

Russia - McCain is on, Realistic and knows the game. Obama - Yet another central issue. Every issue is a central issue. Hum ah hmm the russians themselves...Now we have to be clairvoyant. May be Obama can send his Truth Squads to Russia. 

The Israel question with Iran...McCain - We will not wait for the UN. Mentions Obama's preconditions, that's fair. Obama does not answer the question. Will he wait for the UN? Skirted around it. Pussy. 

McCain closes. He's on his game. They both were good at times, bad occasionally, but Obama lied outright a few times. I give this one to McCain, even though I cringed with McCain's idea about buying mortgages. 

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